Kenny Reisman, right, is congratulated by supporter Roger Good on Tuesday night at the Old Town Pub after learning the news that Reisman beat Ken Solomon in the Steamboat Springs City Council District 2 race.

Photo by Matt Stensland

Kenny Reisman, right, is congratulated by supporter Roger Good on Tuesday night at the Old Town Pub after learning the news that Reisman beat Ken Solomon in the Steamboat Springs City Council District 2 race.

Reisman defeats Solomon for District 2 seat

Small-business owner, soccer coach wins City Council seat


Election 2009

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Kenny Reisman delivers the news to his dad Tuesday outside the Old Town Pub.


Steamboat Springs City Council candidate Kenny Reisman tries to catch the attention of parents picking up their kids from school Tuesday afternoon.


Ken Solomon


Kenny Reisman

Magill re-elected in unopposed race

Walter Magill, a 39-year-old engineer and surveyor, will return to the Steamboat Springs City Council. Magill was first elected to the council in 2007 to finish a vacated term. Magill did not face an opponent in the District 3 race and will serve for four years. He received 2,293 votes.

"I look forward to working with the new council," Magill said. "It's going to be tough times. We're going to have to work together."

— Kenny Reisman beat Ken Solomon for a District 2 seat on the Steamboat Springs City Council in Tuesday's election. He won with 56.3 percent of the vote, 1,776 to 1,379.

"I'm so excited to have the responsibility to represent the people of Steamboat," Reisman said while celebrating at Old Town Pub. "Hearing the result was an emotional experience just because of how much I want to represent the place I love so much."

The District 2 race featured two New York transplants who have never held elected office.

Reisman, 40, is a small-business owner, volunteer soccer coach and political newcomer. He labeled himself as a candidate with the interests of young families and businesspeople at heart. He has leaned toward support of the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation and its potential to provide housing and jobs.

Entering Tuesday's Election Day, Reisman was concerned about the lack of younger voters and a lower overall turnout. He didn't need to be.

"It's hard to say it hurt me, because I won," Reisman said about the 36 percent county turnout. "My concern is I don't want to go backward with turnout."

Reisman said he and Solomon exchanged e-mails earlier Tuesday congratulating each other on running a good, clean race that both felt was good for the community.

Solomon, 62, a builder, has previous political experience on bodies such as the Steamboat Springs Tax Policy Advisory Board and the Routt County Board of Adjustment. He said these experiences made him more qualified than Reisman to serve on the council. Solomon opposes Steamboat 700.

"I think it's unfortunate for me and it's unfortunate for the city," Solomon said about his defeat Tuesday night. "It's going to be a steep learning curve for Kenny Reisman. : I know he has the heart, but I don't know if he has enough experience to start making decisions."

Reisman and Solomon proved equally adept at raising campaign contributions. Reisman raised $3,895 through Oct. 25, and Solomon raised $3,851 in the same time frame.

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maggie 7 years, 4 months ago

Ken Soloman's arrogant comments are just another reason why the voters said no to him , and they sound like real sour grapes- experience with an attitude is not what anyone wanted. Good luck to Kenny, he has and will work hard sans arrogance!


boater1 7 years, 4 months ago

maggie, agreed. maybe that's why he's solo & will continue to be. ken's felt only he was qualified to make good decisons because he had the experience. wasn't that the failed ideology of Mc Cain? i call BS. bad decessions come from experienced people all the time. time on the job does not equal doing it correctly. a true gentleman would have congradulated his opponent instead of getting in one last jab. that comment speaks volumes about the man.


Coleman Cook 7 years, 4 months ago

Agreed 100% Maggie. Ken Solomon's comments reek of a sore loser. Actually Ken, there were 1,776 individuals who feel very fortunate that Kenny Reisman was elected to our city council.


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