Scott McGill: Power of voting


Your editorial last Sunday ("Power to the people," May 10 Pilot & Today) encouraging people to vote in the upcoming Yampa Valley Electric election for directors was right on the mark. As a cooperative, YVEA is owned and controlled by the customers, because every customer is a member. I strongly encourage everyone to mail back the ballot they will be receiving at the end of this month. The only effort voting entails is a check mark and a postage stamp.

I am a little concerned about the implication at the end for your editorial that YVEA needs a change in direction in order to become more progressive about green power. YVEA already is the second greenest electrical coop in the state while, at the same time, we have the lowest rates of any coop in the state.

The state of Colorado presently requires each distribution utility such as YVEA to sell at least 1 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources. YVEA has increased its purchase of renewable energy every year and now sells more than 10 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. YVEA is a leader in renewable energy, not a laggard.

On a personal note, I endorse renewable energy sources wholeheartedly as long as they are reliable and cost-effective. I installed solar panels on my roof at home in 1985, about the same time as my opponent started thinking about energy efficiency and renewable energy, according to her previous statements.

Scott McGill

YVEA board member

and candidate for re-election


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