Locals featured on MTV's 'The Hills'


Steamboat Springs residents Bill and Terri Montag were featured on an episode of MTV's pseudo-reality show "The Hills" on Monday.

The eighth episode of the show's fifth season was titled "Father of the Bride," and focused on Bill Montag's daughter, Heidi, getting engaged to boyfriend and cast member Spencer Pratt.

Much of the plotline focuses on Bill Montag's Western heritage - Heidi Montag introduces her father to Pratt this way: "I mean, he's like a real-deal cowboy. I would be shocked if he comes out without his gun. : You've never met a dad like my dad."

Heidi Montag and Pratt were married in Pasadena, Calif., on April 25.

Bill Montag makes a number of references to Western culture and a willingness to protect his daughter throughout his time on-air, including several lines spoken to Pratt, such as: "I'm very protective over her, you know that. That's why God invented Colt .45s."

Montag's involvement in preserving Steamboat's Western heritage includes organization for an annual 4-H scholarship fundraiser and assistance with the Fourth of July weekend Cowboys' Roundup Days and Saddleback Ranch Cattle Drive.

The full episode is available on the MTV Web site, at www.mtv.com.


oldskoolstmbt 4 years, 11 months ago

and how long have the montag's been living in steamboat? (full-time)


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