Editorial cartoon for May 17, 2009



Editorial cartoon for May 17, 2009

— Joe Roberts draws a cartoon that appears weekly on the editorial page of the Sunday Pilot & Today. This is the cartoon for May 17, 2009.


Gaylan Hellyer 7 years, 11 months ago

Was this necessary? .... And, as already stated, in very poor taste !


Brent Boyer 7 years, 11 months ago

All: I appreciate the feedback on Joe Roberts' editorial cartoon. Here is my perspective: City Editor Mike Lawrence and I discussed the cartoon and its intent with Roberts after he submitted it for publication. Roberts was a friend and longtime colleague of Bob Bear through their 50-plus years of combined work at the Lowell Whiteman School. The message Joe's cartoon was trying to convey is simply this: we have many dangerous intersections in this town, particularly for senior citizens who may need extra time crossing the highway. Bear's death was a tragic and unfortunate example of that fact. Public safety officials have acknowledged the problem, but most concede that major intersection changes - such as pedestrian underpasses, for example - are needed to help address the problem. Until such changes are made, some intersections in our city will continue to be dangerous for pedestrians. Both Joe Roberts and Mike Lawrence, independently of one another, contacted the family of Bob Bear before the cartoon was published. The family, driven by their hope that Bear's death sparks action on intersection changes, was supportive of the cartoon and its message. Again, thank you for your honest feedback on the cartoon. I hope my response provides some insight into the decision-making process and the message Roberts was trying to convey.

Brent Boyer Editor, Pilot & Today 970-871-4221 bboyer@steamboatpilot.com


Tracy Barnett 7 years, 11 months ago

I thought the message of the cartoon was pretty clear. I have watched pedestrians with all kinds of "handicaps", including children and strollers, try to get across the intersections in the 18-22 seconds allotted. I watched one man with MS and a walker get stranded in the middle of the street when the light changed and the traffic took off. He started across when the light turned green for him. Where is our common courtesy these days?


seeuski 7 years, 11 months ago

Brent, While I believe your explanation makes sense and is exceptable, a footnote below the cartoon may have put things in better context as to the artists connection to Mr. Bear and may have eased the criticism from some.


callguinness 7 years, 11 months ago

Brent, I can understand your explanation, with the explanation it seems much more reasonable the cartoon ran. However, the small text at the bottom of the sign. "Steamboat Springs Police Department." Implies to me that the police know the intersections are dangerous and don't seem to care. I know this is not the case.
Yes many people in the community are aware of the dangerous intersections. Also as anyone should be aware, any intersection is much more hazardous, for anyone, with a disability. It is a matter of how much we as the community are willing to spend to correct the problem. I'm quite confident that the cost to "fixing" these dangerous intersection is very "prohibitive."


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