Krista Andress: School bus safety


— It's about time the situation on the school buses is addressed. I write this editorial in frustration because of the letter request that volunteers ride the school buses with the children. This situation has been going on for years - fights, inappropriate language, fires, sexual promiscuity, etc. My child is in the first grade and does not ride the bus because of this situation. It's about time something is done! Time to pay for escorts and use the cameras on the buses. Let's put our tax dollars to good use and protect our children. If this has been going on for years, why hasn't something been done?

Either get something done or start reimbursing parents who choose to drive their children for safety reasons. I think when I file my taxes, I'll deduct the gas cost of driving my children to school.

Krista Andress

Steamboat Springs


jk 7 years, 10 months ago

Oh brother, this is the crap that is draging this country down. Talk about whining, and entitlement.


Malcolm_Reynolds 7 years, 10 months ago

It is a privilege to ride a school bus in Colorado, NOT a right!


Gaylan Hellyer 7 years, 10 months ago

My kids do not ride the bus, but I hear the stories when I volunteer in the classrooms and they are shocking. It is not a "privilege" or "entitlement" but when a young child rides a school bus with older kids in a limited supervised environment there can be some issues. School buses should be segregated among the schools/grades. The younger kids sit in the front with MOST of the older kids in the back. But the language and discussions are not appropriate and can not be separated by a few seats.
And some of these kids are on the bus for a long time. A solution needs to be presented and having adult volunteers on the bus isn't such a bad idea. Or how about the parents of the kids who cause the most problems ride the bus with their kids. If they ride enough I bet the kids shape up. I sure would not have wanted my parents on the bus when I was a kid.


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