Looking Back for May 11, 1934: Fire hazard in forest high


Forest Ranger Marvin Klemme states that present climatic conditions increase the fire hazard in the national forest area, particularly through Northwestern Colorado and Southern Colorado.

From the standpoint of the quantity of snow laying back in the mountains and the rapid growth of vegetation, the season seems to be at least six weeks earlier than usual. In visiting the various gauges over the Routt National Forest, the forest officers found bare ground at practically all the gauges. As an example of comparison between now and this time last year: The Slide Mountain snow gauge recorded 39 inches of snow the first day of May last year, while this year the snow not only had disappeared but the weeds and grass were about 4 inches tall around the gauge.

Very few of the old timers have ever seen the Yampa and Elk rivers as low at this time of year as they are at the present time. A lot of small foothill streams have dried up and others are running just about where they usually are in the middle of July.

Counterfeit coins are circulating in Steamboat

Dollars, half-dollars and twenty-five-cent pieces should be carefully scrutinized before being accepted as legal money. There are many coins of these denominations in circulation in Steamboat Springs and vicinity. Caution should be exercised in accepting any money that is being passed as silver coin. The pieces that have been detected are very poor imitations of the legal silver money, dark in color, very light in weight and with poor engraving. Watch closely. If you are the holder of a bogus coin, it is your loss, as it will not be taken back.

Fine season for securing eggs for fish hatchery

C.A. Ribbing, of Denver, left for his home Saturday after a month in Steamboat Springs assisting Sam Stevens in the trapping of rainbow trout and securing the eggs for the local hatchery. He was pleased with the result of the work this spring because the hatchery was filled with local eggs, a total of 910,000. It will not be necessary to place shipped eggs this year, as has been done each year.

The rainbow eggs will hatch in 50 days from the time they were placed in the trays. The male fish that were trapped were returned to the river Tuesday.


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