Court briefs: Fatka to appear in court Thursday


— Terri Dawn Moody Fatka, who pleaded guilty to her role in the theft of $1.3 million from Alpine Bank from 2004 to 2008, will appear in Routt County Court at 9 a.m. Thursday morning for a restitution hearing.

Fatka already was ordered to pay restitution, and now conspirator Pamela Jean Williams also will be liable for the amount in a joint and several restitution, meaning either woman may be sued for the money.

The court also may take up a motion filed on Fatka's behalf in December 2008 to reduce the length of her prison term. In that motion, Fatka's attorney, Erick Knaus, requested a reduction in Fatka's sentence based on statements supporting her character and Fatka's cooperation with authorities.

Fatka supplied authorities with information and testified during Williams' restitution hearing that she and Williams shared all the stolen money. Fatka and Williams each were sentenced to eight years in prison.

David, Marie Jensen ask for time to compile records

David and Marie Jensen, the Steamboat Springs couple accused of growing marijuana in their Old Town home, appeared in Routt County Court on Tuesday morning and requested more time for their cases.

David Jensen will next make an appearance at 2 p.m. April 1, while Marie Jensen will appear at 2 p.m. April 15.

David and Marie Jensen were represented by different lawyers in their advisement hearing before Judge James Garrecht.

Steamboat attorney Kris Hammond, representing Marie Jensen, requested additional time to compile medical records requested by the Routt County District Attorney's office.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Carl Stahl, who also was at the hearing, made no objection.

Marie Jensen reportedly has a medical marijuana license, but investigators say the couple was in possession of more marijuana than allowed by law.

Investigators report they seized 48 marijuana plants and about 8 pounds of dried and processed marijuana from the Jensens' home Feb. 7.


allis53ca 8 years ago

a reduction in sentence ?....because she admitted what she'd already been busted for ?....why are the courts resources even being wasted on this ?...just send them off to prison already...and restitution is a joke...just take EVERYTHING they own, auction it off and pay the bank what was stolen, and reimburse the courts their cost..


Duke_bets 8 years ago

"Statments supporting her character"..............That's a good one. She stole a million dollars....That's sufficient to explain her character.


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