Bill Marolt: Thanks, Steamboat


— The U.S. Ski Team made history at the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships in the Czech Republic. As a team, the U.S. finished second to Norway in the final medals count with a record six medals - four gold, a silver and a bronze.

Steamboat, as a community, can take great personal pride in its role in helping make this historic accomplishment possible for these athletes.

The Steamboat Springs community, together with the U.S. Ski Team, provided this opportunity for world champions Todd Lodwick, Billy Demong and Johnny Spillane. You built a local heritage for Nordic combined that has had dramatic impact. It was a partnership between the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. and the community as a whole. And you should be very proud.

Success at this level is a team effort. It requires a partnership between parents and our local USSA clubs. It takes volunteers who, in the true spirit of Olympism, give their time to coach and help run events. International success requires quality sport science, sports medicine, elite-level coaching and work within our international sport community. Most of all, though, it requires the perseverance, dedication, focus and hard work of athletes like Lodwick, Demong, Lindsey Van and Kikkan Randall.

Your community club programs, as well as world-class USSA programs, are funded by the generosity of supporters and communities like yours.

Congratulations to these athletes. And thanks to you, as a community, for your continued support of the next generation of athletes.

Bill Marolt

President and CEO, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association


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