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What does a furlough do? A furlough allows you to quickly and somewhat comfortably cut money from the budget with out affecting employees too much. Do you really think that Jon Roberts could come in and, in the first three weeks, know which positions are and aren't needed? With four hours out of our work week, our level of service for the community isn't being cut too drastically. However, this is going to save almost half of the $3 million council has directed that Roberts cut. Once all this commotion settles down, then Jon Roberts will surely figure out what our staff needs are.

- cityworker

Don't extend grace period

There should be no extensions of the "grace period." If they are not ready to proceed, they should withdraw from the process. All of these extensions are just about increasing the value of the property by having approvals in place so the property can be "flipped."

- teleflypicker

Extensions reasonable

If they need seven years to start building, then the city should say that the project must meet the affordable housing and all other regulations that were in effect no less than three years prior to start of construction.

It is not entirely unreasonable to grant longer times for developers to get presales and financing and so on. It is very unreasonable to allow a developer to have a project approved under one set of rules and then seven years to decide to build that or to seek approval of a different project under whatever the rules are then.

- Scott Wedel

Regulations consequences

There is a reasonable argument to be made that any approval process is subject to expiration and that is not necessarily a bad thing; however, it has a huge impact upon the public's confidence as to whether Steamboat is a fair and attractive environment for real estate investment.

Today, that is particularly critical given the implications of contracting credit. When a municipality gets a reputation for being difficult to deal with the existing property values rise as there is no dampening new supply, and banks are reluctant to lend for deals that have regulatory risk.

The unintended consequence of imposing short deadlines will be the reluctance of property owners to come forward with plans on a schedule, which will allow thoughtful reflection on the plans and negotiation with land owners about particularly sensitive issues.


Thanks for ID info, Rob

Thanks for your recommendations and offer of help, Rob (Douglas). After reading all the horror stories about folks whose identities have been stolen and now the laptop theft, we can all benefit from a wake up call.

- marthalee

Thanks Paula, Ski Patrol

Awesome, Paula and all Ski Patrollers. If you are someone who still looks at Ski Patrol and sees folks who are trying to keep you from having fun, it's beyond time to get over that erroneous sentiment. They are there for all of us, all the time.

- George Danellis

We all owe thanks

Congratulations, Paula! Great work noticing this man and surely saving his life! We all owe the Patrol gratitude for saving our necks in and out of the Ski Area.

- Paul Brabenec

Kudos, wrestlers

This piece seems a fitting way to end the wrestling season. I follow Hayden sports as best I can from a long ways from home. Between the Steamboat Pilot & Today and KRAI Radio, this was as close as I have ever been to being at the Colorado state wrestling tournament.

The wrestlers and coaching staff from Hayden have so much to be proud of, as does Soroco's coaching staff and Lauryn Briggink the lone Soroco state qualifier. Has there ever been a time when Soroco High School was not represented at state?

It is good to read that Hayden and Soroco supported each other in the tournament, cheering for each others wrestlers. This is a direct reflection of the communities they are from. Great job everyone. ... Now, for basketball. Go, Tigers!!!

- Mike Coziahr, Pensacola, Fla.

On bank failures

The basic problem is banks loaning money that could not be repaid. They were forced by social engineers to give the undeserving another chance. The doubters tried to gain oversight but were filibustered out. This created a bloated economy that created chaos. Sound business practices work, but they are not designed to compensate for faulty input.

- Fred Duckels

Stimulus thoughts

A true economic stimulus plan would work to help get the economy going again. The problem with this one is that it is the same old government playing the same old game.

There is a lot of money thrown at the problem but not in the right place. It is difficult to know exactly where the money is going and what the stipulations are to access the funds. There are reports of much of it going to special interests which is not a surprise given that nobody even read the bill.

I'm disappointed that Obama started off his presidency by being a puppet to the democratic party. He ran on "change," yet he did not step up to the plate a cut out the "pork," which we will be paying for in years to come. I'm sure some special interest people will be "stimulated," but I'm worried about throwing money at something that is broken instead of coming up with a clear "business plan" like us in the real world have to do to ensure future success.

- Jules Palyo

Strong stimulus uses

$288 billion to middle class tax relief, $53 billion to education, $43 billion to green energy, $59 billion to healthcare, $144 billion for state and local fiscal relief - All seem to me like great areas to invest money.

- alobar


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