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(Cycling) is a great way to combine business and pleasure. I can't say I've often enjoyed driving to work, but a spin on the bike always seems to brighten the day. Taking a ride after work back home can allow one to leave the day's concerns behind. When you notice the abundance of 20-, 30-, even 50-year-old bikes around town you realize how long they last and how cheap bicycling can be. These aren't pampered collector's items either but tools that are run day in and day out through all kinds of weather. That's the best kind of resource-use: Build things to last, and keep 'em working.

- Paul Brabenec

Cycling comment

We look forward to a great summer of biking in Steamboat.

Anyone reading this, please come to the county commissioners' special meetings on shared road issues scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. Monday and July 6. This is a rare opportunity to work directly with county government on making our roads safer and better for all road users.

- Routtcountyriders

Local economy

The market/local economy has not returned to normal in my opinion, but what I am hearing from friends and acquaintances is getting better not worse. Most of them are booking more business, making payments and generally making out OK.

In response to the developers: Just like all aspects of life, you can find good people and not-so-good people. Who do you choose to fill your life with? If the people of this community truly want affordable housing, then someone has to step forward and develop it.

They will not do so for "the good of the people," and we cannot expect them to. A fair profit must be the goal so that they can continue to operate and provide growth opportunities and jobs in our community.

- trump_suit

Housing market

I don't want this town to become a zoo like Aspen either, but I'm not expecting that we can suspend the laws of supply and demand.

The reality is, lots and lots of people want to live in paradise. That growth in demand isn't going away. So if you constrain supply by restricting development, prices will go up and up and up. Maybe as a community, we're fine with that. Those of us who already own property in the 'Boat may even think that's a good thing.

These are not easy choices. But what really gets me riled up is that many of the people who are most anti-development also are the ones who are most pro-affordable housing. Please, they need to stop thinking they can have their cake and eat it too.

- Dan Hill

Climate legislation

All Americans want to advance forward with new technologies and get off the Middle East oil train, but this climate change bill, HR-2454, has a lot more in it than green. Our lives are going to be greatly affected by this bill, which just passed the House. Real estate appraisers will have to be retrained in green technology and report in the appraisals the conformity of those properties to yet unknown standards. : I hope the Senate wises up and stops this power grab.

- seeuski


popcan 7 years, 10 months ago

Climate Legislation HR-2454 and last Friday was our nation's number one event. But if you ask most any Steamboat Joe, they don't even have a clue of what was happening on this past Friday, yet alone a very high tax increase could soon be before them. People today are like a bunch of hungry fish at a fish hatchery. They will bite on anything without knowing the consequences.


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