The building that houses Sunpies Bistro has been purchased by the owners of Bucking Rainbow Outfitters for $1.2 million. Sunpies has a five-year lease with the new owners and will continue to operate from its current location.

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The building that houses Sunpies Bistro has been purchased by the owners of Bucking Rainbow Outfitters for $1.2 million. Sunpies has a five-year lease with the new owners and will continue to operate from its current location.

Bucking Rainbow buys Sunpie's building

Outfitters get riverfront property; Bistro lands 5-year lease


— John and Jaret Duty, of Bucking Rainbow Outfitters, got the ideal tubing location they've long coveted, and Mike and Colleen Miller got the new lease they needed for Sunpie's Bistro.

The Dutys, through the new business entity Bucking Rainbow LLC, recently closed on the purchase of the building at 735 Yampa St. that houses Sunpie's. They purchased the building for $1.2 million from James Reichert.

John Duty confirmed Monday that Sunpie's has a new five-year lease and is in the long-term plans for the property.

"That's the idea," Duty said. "As long as Mike and Colleen want to be there."

The building was tentatively slated for demolition to make room for a new development two years ago. The Millers had an option to take a new space in the redeveloped site. Now, the economy has soured, the development is off, and Sunpie's has the opportunity to stay put.

Sunpie's is closed Mondays, and the Millers could not be reached for comment.

Duty said his company, with a retail store at 730 Lincoln Ave., has city permits that allow it to rent about 100 tubes to floaters on week days and 150 on weekends. However, the business has been limited without a permanent river-front location.

"We've been trying for a good while to get our foot in the door on Yampa Street," Duty said. "We first tried to buy this same building when it was a computer store."

Duty said his tubing operation will occupy the space formerly occupied by Sweet Pea Market before its owners purchased the building next door, also from Reichert. Minor remodeling is under way this summer, but because of the short time frame, bigger improvements will have to wait.

Duty said one possible option would be to build an elevated deck that would create space for the tubing rentals beneath it and additional seating for Sunpie's above.

The property acquired by the Dutys included an 800-square-foot commercial building on a 0.22-acre lot.

As recently as April 2007, the building recently acquired by Sweet Pea plus the Sunpie's space and the former Colorado Group/Green Courte sales center next door, were being considered for a larger mixed retail/commercial development.

Developer/Realtor Jim Cook had introduced plans in April 2007 to replace all three with a new building. Demolition of the existing buildings would have started in fall 2008.

The new two-story buildings would have created four retail spaces plus a restaurant on the first level and four, possibly five, residential units on the second level.


Tracy Barnett 7 years, 10 months ago

Keeping the scale of buildings on Yampa Street low is much preferable to the proposed two to three story buildings that are allowed by code. Blocking the view of the river and Howelsen Hill is not a good thing.


Aspengold 7 years, 10 months ago

The view of Howelsen and the ski jumps from Lincoln Ave. is a treasure that should never be blocked. This is great news indeed.


greenwash 7 years, 10 months ago

What is Great News?

That building is coming down at some point in next 10 years and they wont be replacing it with a single story structure.

Look at Boathouse to get the idea.Yampa/Howelson Views are here today but will be gone in the future.

Do you think the owners of a 1.5 million dallar penthouse in Olympian will mind the aroma of the Rodeo Grounds?

Stay tuned.


seeuski 7 years, 10 months ago

Greenwash, Why don't you run for city council and do something about it instead of imagining one on top of another coming disasters that you are always dreaming up? What are you insinuating about the rodeo? I'll stay tuned.


Scott Wedel 7 years, 10 months ago

It is great news that the property changed hands and the current business is staying as compared to the building being demolished in preparation for construction that would now be indefinitely delayed.

How many places can you view the ski jumps from Lincoln Ave? Okay, view the ski jumps from Lincoln Ave other than from the second or third story of a building.


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