bistro c.v.: Restaurant Review


My immediate impression of bistro c.v. is that of a restaurant with an elegant, modern ambience, complemented by a friendly, yet refreshingly casual, staff - or, to put it in other words, fine, gourmet dining without the often-accompanied stuffiness.

The restaurant's architecture is lovely, with a curved exterior framing the interior dining area. The many large windows serve to provide a wonderful view of downtown Steamboat.

As for the cuisine, it is very gourmet, so those with the hearty appetite or tight wallet should certainly be warned. Although the food is delicious, it comes in rather small portions and at quite a pretty penny (entrees range from $21 to $36). For those with a heartier appetite, I would recommend getting at least one, if not two, appetizers, in addition to an entree.

We started our meal with King Salmon Tartare for myself and the Butter-Poached Shrimp for my husband. The salmon was excellent, and my harder-to-please husband loved his shrimp, which was served with antebellum grits, bacon and aged white cheddar (yum!).

As for the main course, I went with the more economical option, the English Pea-goat Cheese Tortelloni ($21) and was pleasantly surprised with the dish, which included hearty maitake mushrooms and goat-cheese-stuffed, homemade pasta. My husband ordered from the opposite end of the price range - the River Ranches Ribeye ($36). A product of a ranch just 10 miles from the bistro, the Ribeye serves as a prime example of the restaurant's philosophy to support local and organic farmers. Here too, though, is where those with a hearty appetite should beware; as compared to most ribeyes at restaurants elsewhere, the bistro's portion was rather small - delicious, yes, but small!

I would not consider the bistro a family restaurant, so if possible try to leave the kiddos at home. That said, I would recommend bistro c.v. to anyone with an appetite for finer dining. Bon Appetit!

Bistro c.v. is located at 345 Lincoln Ave. and is open daily from 5 to 10 p.m. Entrees range from $21 to $36, and appetizers from $5 to $13. The wine list averages about $50/bottle, on up to $250.

Service: 4 Stars

Atmosphere: 4 Stars

Food: 4 Stars

Overall: 4 Stars


Tracy Barnett 7 years, 11 months ago

Restaurant reviews... a good idea if the reviewer is unbiased and honest.


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