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Rec center at 700?

I got your rec center. It's called Steamboat. Two ski mountains, one of the top Nordic facilities in the world, endless hiking and biking trails with not so bad views, world-class fishing, four golf courses, sweet tennis facility, a well done Core Trail, killer kayak and rafting rapids, all kinds of camping : sick longboarding roads:gnarly tubing : plenty of county roads to don your cycling tights:and a bunch of intramural sports and activities, etc. And I'm sure I missed a few recreational opportunities : we need a rec center about as bad as we need more rain.

- Tubes

Too much building

Does not take an intelligent person to see that Steamboat is building itself into disaster. OK. We get these 2,000-plus homes built, sold and then occupied. Where are the people going to work? With no jobs in our valley, how are they going to support their homes and families? Do we want industry in our county?

- justice4all

700 and taxes

No matter how much we squeeze the 700 project, the end result will be passed on and it will end up as a tax on the community. This allows the leaders to stand up and demand from 700, concessions that they can hold up as trophies, when in reality they are imposing more taxes. No free ride!

- Fred Duckels

City can't take risk

Council has it so right - the city cannot take on the potential future funding shortfalls. (Steamboat) 700 is talking 35 years of financing?

I do sympathize with the investors behind 700. The land use plans on paper are really good. But we now have a large inventory of residential units for sale, and absorption rates are going to be low for a while. The math looks bad.

My concern is that the short-term profit of their investment is becoming more and more reliant on the infrastructure and service costs (mill-levy taxes) they will hand off to future 700 residents.

- Steve Lewis

Cyclists need to obey laws

I, too, am a cyclist and am mortified when I see riders blatantly disobey traffic laws. I'd single out the riders on "cruisers" also. Although the bike lane striping on Oak Street is a help, I believe that stop and lane lines on our highly traveled roads are more essential. More people drive cars than ride bicycles. I own two automobiles and pay taxes for both. I assume they contribute more wear and tear on our roads than do my two bikes.

- marthalee

Global warming thoughts

Oxygen consumption at ground level has nothing to do with the ozone layer. Protecting the ozone layer is all about stopping certain gases such as CFCs from reaching the ozone layer where they break down the ozone layer.

And the CO2 and other greenhouse gases have major effects on the climate at concentrations far below atmospheric oxygen. The suggestion that we have burned off oxygen that will take billions of years for photosynthesis to replace is simply wrong. We are not going to run out of oxygen.

The idea that we face extinction in 60 years is not widely held. Surface temp and climate may be a few degrees warmer, which would have major climate and ecological effects, but it does not threaten us with extinction. It might make us a lot poorer as agricultural regions become less productive and so on.

- Scott Wedel

Need for new energy

What we need is a comprehensive effort to reduce our dependence on foreign energy. Lets face it, the technology does not yet exist to replace oil and coal as our primary energy sources. It is long past due to begin the process but our initial efforts should be toward becoming energy self-sufficient.

While I am a supporter of alternative energy and renewable resources, riding your bicycle is not going to save the Earth. At most it will add a few years to your life assuming that you follow basic traffic laws.

- trump_suit


sledneck 7 years, 11 months ago

I think we should require the 700 developers to build a rec center. They should also be required to build a grocery store where food is free to residents and a gas station with $1.00 gas. They should build the connector road to 129 with bike lanes wide enough for bikes to travel 4 abreast. Provide a commercial center with free shopping on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and provide snowplowing to all the private homes so the residents can go straight to the ski hill on powder days. Season ski passes should be half price to all residents and free ski tuning as well. And in addition to all this they absolutely should be required to provide homes under $99,000 to every dim witted ski bum in America that has the audacity to expect cheap housing in a worlf class ski town. Heres a news flash for the gimmee crowd. The 700 developers will NEVER pay for a road, bike path, rec center, golf course or any thing else your overactive, self serving imaginations can cook up. Like all corporations, the 700 developers DO NOT pay taxes or provide ANY mandated perk. Like ALL companys, big and small, they will simply pass these costs on to the people who buy their product. And if the total costs WITH PROFIT are more than the market will bear they will not do anything. And that is why mandating affordable housing has caused an exponential INCREASE in housing costs in this valley. "Stick it to the evil developer with affordable housing requirements." "Stick it to the builders with higher taxes on lumber and green building codes." "Save an elk, shoot a land developer." You mean like the one who built YOUR house so YOU could be here? You people call yourself "enlightened" but you don't exibit even an elementary understanding of basic economics, much less common sense. In what reality should a person expect to come to a ski town and find (much less demand) affordable housing? Don't have the $$$ for Steamboat? There is an answer! It's called Craig, CO.


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