Steamboat Springs resident Phyllis Coletta, left, and her husband, Bob McConnell, are featured in an "Webisode" about active baby boomers.

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Steamboat Springs resident Phyllis Coletta, left, and her husband, Bob McConnell, are featured in an "Webisode" about active baby boomers.

Locals featured on 'Webisode' about active baby boomers


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— On Friday afternoon, Steamboat Springs resident Phyllis Coletta's snapshot was just above that of actor David Carradine on

Coletta, 52, and her husband, Bob McConnell, are the first of many couples featured in a series of short online "Webisodes" titled "Fit to Boom." The series, a promotional effort for Subway, tells the stories of active men and women from the baby boomer generation who have made a drastic life change.

Coletta - who moved to Steamboat Springs a few years ago and was a litigation attorney in New Jersey for 16 years before that - said she ended up filming the episode after she got a call from a casting agent who had stumbled upon a Web site for Glory Days Coaching, Coletta's life and retirement coaching business. With a recently released book on the market, Coletta took her publishing agent's advice and leapt at the opportunity for free, wide-reaching exposure. Her move to Steamboat set the stage for an inspirational story, she said.

"I changed my life so dramatically. I was a litigation attorney, and now I'm just kind of a bum. I mean, I work, but I just gave it up because I couldn't live that life anymore," she said.

A production crew of about 10 people came to film Coletta and McConnell in early April as the two wrapped up their winter gigs with Steamboat Ski Area - Coletta scanned lift tickets, and McConnell is on Ski Patrol. During the off-season, Coletta works in the emergency department at Yampa Valley Medical Center.

"They were here and gone in a day, so they filmed us skiing for about six hours and interviewed me, and they put it all together," Coletta said.

The reaction from friends and family has been positive since the video was posted at the beginning of the month, she said. MSN will post four new stories each month; Coletta and McConnell's spot was the first to air.

"I thought it was hilarious. I just thought it was a fun thing to do," Coletta said about the production process.

Between shots of Steamboat Ski Area and surrounding areas, the video includes pieces of Coletta's life, including courtroom photos, pictures of her three sons, and insights into how much everything has changed since her youngest drove off to college and Coletta decided to drop her stressful daily routine.

"There is no comparison between this life and my lawyer life. There's so much joy in being outside. I feel great, doing what I'm doing," she said in the video.

The three-minute video, titled "Lawyer Phyllis & Cowboy Bob," is online at


jk 7 years, 10 months ago

Is this really and article in this paper? Who gives a big juicy cow patty what these rich transplants are doing in this valley? They have their little Trophy Ranch yet they call themselves bums now. How does that sound to the real ranchers of this valley who have been busting their butts for a hundred years?


CHAUNCEY COOKE 7 years, 10 months ago

This article is about a couple featured in a video podcast . Have you guys seen the video .It is a very touching story about a single mother .Coletta is not rich and owns no trophy 35 acre ranch .They own a lot more than 35 acres(outside of the county).Bob Mcconnell is an outfitter by trade .He is not a dimestore want-to-be cowboy. He is the real deal,a professional horseman . They both ski the winters,doing what they love to earn an living working at the ski mountain . I was fortunate to work with them and know them .Coletta was not refering to ranching as bumming,she is not a rancher. She is a former lawyer,who is not rich,who loves horses and skiing .However she is married to a cowboy . If you look at the comments by greenwash on other posts,he loves to bash everyone .So take the time to think or research before you speak,and learn to love people rather than being so angry at the world.


greenwash 7 years, 10 months ago

I wasnt referring to anyone imparticular.I make comments ,some negative some positive.I love Life and People.Some people voted for O and some for W.Im not bashing anyone,I just like to see both sides represented . Soooo once again facts are facts. And remember Mommas dont let your babies gow up to be cowboys let them be doctors lawyers and such.Geez what was she thinking?


stillinsteamboat 7 years, 10 months ago

I was prepared to really dislike this podcast till I watched it . These are genuinely good people. I would like to have them as my neighbors. I suggest you watch the podcast before you judge them.


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