Jack White: CAYV response


— Several years ago, I attended a forum on growth that the Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley sponsored. It was a two-night event, with a panel of experts from all across the state. I was so impressed, I joined CAYV that night. It wasn't long after I found myself on the board of directors, and I am proud to represent the Community Alliance.

Our mission is to help preserve the natural environment, enhance the quality of life, retain the unique character of our community and build a sustainable society in harmony with the natural environment through education, community education, community action, and community participation.

We have never advocated for no growth. Smart growth is not just a cliche. To manage growth wisely, we must use all the tools available to us. We are fortunate to have the Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan and West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan to help guide us so we can better manage growth. These plans represent many hours of hard work and are a great voice of the community. Vision 2030's report is another document that represents our community and what we are hoping the future can be.

The Community Alliance has been the watchdog for the whole community. We were there to fight for the preservation of the Urban Growth Boundaries, making sure the City Council did not let developers off the hook for an estimated $4.6 million in use tax they owed, preserving the semblance of an affordable housing policy, supporting a water dedication policy, pushing for smart growth and urging for a public vote on annexations. We need at least one organization to ask, "What is going on?" Or, "What's the rush?" We need an organization to take the risk and ask the powerful to answer questions. And we need someone standing in front of City Council just to represent our community.

This work could not be done without an organizer. We are very fortunate to have Steve Aigner on board our ship.

Jack White

Steamboat Springs

President of The Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley


freerider 7 years, 8 months ago

Thank you Jack and Steve ... I've lived here for almost 40 years and I can't remember once where the City Council has represented the people of Routt County ... They remind me of dealing with sub-contractors and there attitude of well, we will just let the next guy fix it if something goes wrong...I'm still waiting for somebody to explain to me how the traffic situation is going to be resolved with the 700 club...all I've heard so far is that there is a study...and maybe some money for hwy 40, CDOT has said "don't count on it" maybe doesn't cut it , and I sure don't trust any sort of jaded or bias report on the traffic situation ....The City Council needs to be watched since they are not qualified to make decisions for the people of Routt County...I think the people here can and should speak for themselves..the Arguement that City Council is elected and qualified to speak and make decisions for us is completely without merit...they sure don't represent me... I will support any kind of petition that CAYV plans on to reign in the abuse of power that the City Council seems to think it's entitled to


housepoor 7 years, 8 months ago

I guess Steamboat is just like rest of the Country, the direction and conversation is controlled by zealots and extremist on both sides. It's getting to be a little ridiculous isn't anyone just a moderate anymore?????


Steve Lewis 7 years, 8 months ago

Many made up their mind before any 700 details were public.

I hope many are listening still. Perhaps weighing the recent and unfinished debate on remaining fiscal gaps. Or some other part. Maybe they are interested in the final shape of just one piece of the whole.

Perhaps the former group includes some zealots, I wouldn't know. But in my book, anyone bothering to weigh the proposal is neither a zealot or an extremist. That would be a citizen.


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