Cliff jumper injured at King Solomon Falls

Woman suffered from neck pain, shortness of breath after 65-foot leap


— It took a crew of 22 people more than four hours to rescue a 25-year-old Steamboat Springs woman who was injured Saturday after landing on her back following a 65-foot jump from a cliff at King Solomon Falls.

Routt County Search and Rescue was dispatched at about 4 p.m. Saturday to attend to the woman, who complained about neck pain and shortness of breath, Search and Rescue Incident Commander Dawn Alperti said. She said North Routt Ambulance and Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue joined them by 6 p.m.

But it took an additional nine volunteers to transport the woman one and a half miles to the ambulance, Alperti said. She was taken to Yampa Valley Medical Center sometime after 10 p.m. No information about the woman's condition was available Sunday, and her name was not released.

Alperti said it was the third hospitalization in the past five years for people injured at King Solomon Falls, which is accessed via private land in far northern Routt County. The first two were for jumpers who broke their backs, she said.

The area is becoming more of a danger every year, Alperti said. She described it as not well maintained, remote and difficult for rescuers to reach despite being less than two miles from the nearest road.

"I understand why people go. It's beautiful," Alperti said. "But it's so dangerous to get in there. If someone gets hurt, it's difficult to get someone out. We basically have to carry them out.

"Four hours to move less than two miles is not a good option," she added.

The woman injured Saturday began to hike out of the area on her own before stopping as a result of the neck pain and shortness of breath.

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beentheredonethat 7 years, 8 months ago

post a sign stating that you jump at your own risk and that no rescue will be forthcoming.....or begin to charge $15'000 per rescue...


callguinness 7 years, 8 months ago

Nice work S&R, sounds like you did a great job at getting someone out of a sketchy situation.

So far as Kin Sol being a dangerous place... Yeah it is, no doubt about it. That is one of the cool parts about it, close to the road, yet still very remote. I would venture to say anyone, who drives for over an hour, then hikes for 20-30 min, then decides to jump off a 65 foot cliff, should have a pretty clear idea of the risk they are taking.

Like it on not folks, this is not Disney World!


JustSomeJoe 7 years, 8 months ago

Unless she bought a CORSAIR card or a fishing or hunting license recently, Search and Rescue will charge her for the rescue.


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago

I guess this answers the question, "If everybody else jumped off a cliff, would you want to do that too?"

They should name the trail "Lemming Lane."


sethlor 7 years, 8 months ago

The injured woman is fortunate to be alive but not lucky. After a fearful pause that told onlookers she was not swimming up by her own power, some Good Samaritans rescued her. I don't think the issue here is whether King Solomon Falls are dangerous or not; everywhere has potential for danger. The issue at hand is about Good Samaritans and good friends. Quickly, reacting with the composure of a true hero, Kim Brooks dove into the icy depths and pulled up the nearly unconscious woman. Fortunately two EMTs were there to stabilize her (Patrick Meyer and a woman whose name I don't know). These people are true selfless friends of a woman whom they didn't know. Where were her other friends before she climbed to such dangerous heights? Later that evening we reveled in our fortune to be blessed with health and good friends. Sometimes we know not what we do so good friends should help ground us. Thank you to those everyday heros!


jo_richards 7 years, 8 months ago

JustSomeJoe: and Just for everyone's information, Search and Rescue does not charge for rescues. Purchasing a COSAR (Colorado Search and Rescue Card or merely helps to reimburse the teams across the state who depend on fundraising, government support, donation and grants to provide the services that they do to the community. It is only $3 for a 1 year and $12 for a 5 year card. A percentage of every hunting and fishing or snowmobile license also goes into this fund and serves the same function as purchasing a card.


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