Looking Back for July 13, 1934: Social survey work for Routt County


Looking Back

From the Friday, July 13, 1934, edition of The Steamboat Pilot:

Harold Drinkwater, of Denver, who is in charge of the social welfare survey of Routt County, is getting his committee together with the purpose of proceeding with the intensive study of conditions in this section. Prominent people from the various towns are being selected for the work, which will include committees on education, publicity, legislation, homes, institutions and health.

The findings so far secured by Mr. Drinkwater indicate that Routt County is in a much better condition than many other communities. The average percentage of persons on relief in the state is 17.7 percent, and Routt County has less than 8 percent on relief rolls at the present time.

Routt County has 81 persons on the old age pension list who are receiving an average of $13.27 per month. There are 452 persons in the county who are older than 65, or 4.8 percent of the population. About 5 percent of the general population of the United States is older than 65.

The social survey in Colorado as far as it has progressed shows that larger proportions of children younger than 16 years were found on relief rolls than were people of any other group. Of the total number of families receiving relief in October 1933, 84.2 percent were white, 11 percent were Hispanic and 4.1 percent were black. Colorado has an undue proportion of single persons on relief.

Poison grain still sold at cost for squirrel problems

An effort was made by the county agents of Moffat and Routt counties to obtain some poison grain from the government, which would be distributed free to the farmers in the county. This, however, did not materialize, and the poison is still being sold at cost, as was previously done. It is hoped that some aid will be obtained through the biological survey to help us with our squirrel problem next season.

Mrs. Keeney, son buy the Columbine Cafe

Mrs. Earl Keeney and her son, Merle Barry, are partners in the Columbine Cafe. Mrs. Keeney is well known for her excellent cooking and her business ability in operating a restaurant. She conducted the Lucky Lunch last summer, starting the business and gaining a large trade.


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