Best of the Web: Respect the river


I really don't look at it as a fisherman vs. tuber thing. It's a respect the river thing. I gave up fishing in town years ago because of the tubing. We live in a society where the rules apply to everyone else but "me." No booze? That's for the other guy. No parking here? That's for the other guy. It's pretty simple. Respect the rules, and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I rode to work on the bike path yesterday and passed numerous tubers drinking. One guy even had a tube for his cooler. : Have someone stationed along the river, and ticket the ones who have a hard time with the rules.

- troutguy

Leash laws

Clearly, some folks have very strong feelings about dogs around them. In my opinion, : most folks are just frustrated with poor dog parenting (yes, the dog owners). I'm a dog owner; she's a golden retriever, and yes, my family has invested the time and patience to ensure that she is a good canine citizen. And yes, I wish more dog owners followed the same responsible path my wife and I have followed. I suspect though that if dogs and their parents actually "pass" a reasonable behavior test, they're probably among the responsible ones in the city. I think that's a reasonable compromise.

- Beancounter


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