Paul Rose: Inhumane seal hunt


Most people in this world are oblivious and hidden to the fact that every year, Canada brutally slaughters 350,000 baby harp seals. This is the largest mass slaughter of any species on the face of the Earth.

Humanity has embarked on a time that is starting to show environmental deterioration. Throughout the years, studies have shown that industries that produce many different materials have grown exponentially along with their pollution, putting immense environmental strains on our global ecosystem, as well as the No. 1 source that sustains life: our oceans, coral reefs and the marine mammals of the ocean.

Not only are we starting to see a weakening environmental ecosystem on land but in the oceans, as well. Our oceans, coral reefs and marine mammal conservation status all are declining in health and numbers. As humanity climbs to increasing population, as well as increasing industrialization, we will continue to see our environment buckle under these enormous strains. We have yet to understand how important our environment is and how much we depend on its health for our life. We do not have the right to treat it the way we are, and as a result, we are starting to have numerous problems that will start to affect the entire world.

Our oceans are dying, and we must be the generation to stand up and say, 'This is enough;' we must protect life because everything has the right to live. I am a volunteer and supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sea Shepherd is a nonprofit organization that protects ocean wildlife and habitats worldwide from the cruel, barbaric and inhumane acts of human violence. Sea Shepherd undergoes many campaigns to save marine mammals from brutal slaughter by humans, and one of their campaigns is to save the seals of the world by stopping Canada and other countries from sealing.

We are in the 21st century. These actions by Canada are uncalled for, and the Canadian commercial seal hunt must be shut down forever. This is one of the most inhumane acts of violence that humans are committing against these beautiful creatures. By this, we are further disrupting the natural balance of the ecosystem and more importantly the species that we are losing because of our careless and unsympathetic actions.

You can join in the fight to save these marine mammals. They need your help before it is too late. Visit, or e-mail me at

Paul Rose

Steamboat Springs


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