Looking back for Jan. 26, 1934: Hog program to benefit farmers of Routt County


Hog program to benefit farmers of Routt County

— All Routt County farmers who have raised as many as three litters of hogs on average for the years 1932 and 1933 are entitled to benefit by the government hog reduction program. If those who are qualified will send their names and addresses to County Agent Floyd Moon in Steamboat Springs, they will be notified about all meetings. It is possible that a meeting will be called within a very short time, perhaps next week. For this reason, it is necessary to have the names in early.

Farmers participating must agree to reduce the number of litters farrowed in 1934 by 25 percent and to market from those litters in 1934 not more than three-fourths the average number marketed in 1932 and 1933.

Routt County CWA workers go part time

The Routt County CWA workers were paid a total of $3,868.02 for the week of the week ending Jan. 18. This amount includes pay for all work in offices and for men's and women's jobs. The time has been cut in half for all workers except those in offices. The men on various projects now are getting 15 hours per week, which will total receipt of $7.50 for the week. The women workers will receive, at the cut wages and the cut time, $4.50 per week.

The cutting of the hours of the men on the gravelling project in Steamboat Springs is working a hardship because of the fact that the gravel pit freezes during such a long period of idleness.


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