Jeff and Grace Cure are stars in their own real estate video produced by their Realtor, Darrin Fryer. Fryer offers his production skills to create promotional real estate video listings for his clients.

Photo by Matt Stensland

Jeff and Grace Cure are stars in their own real estate video produced by their Realtor, Darrin Fryer. Fryer offers his production skills to create promotional real estate video listings for his clients.

Homeowners star in video sales pitch

Grace and Jeff Cure star in their own real estate video


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— When Realtor Darrin Fryer listed the Jeff and Grace Cure home on Hill Street, he knew he needed to find a way to communicate its special qualities.

In the end, he decided to let his clients tell the story of the home themselves. The Cures are the stars of the promotional video for the home on Butcherknife Creek, which is for sale for $1.8 million. Jeff Cure built the home that sits in a quiet Old Town Steamboat Springs neighborhood.

In a tightly edited video that runs at just more than 3 1/2 minutes, the Cures take turns on camera describing the qualities they like most about their timber frame home that is within walking distance of public schools.

Fryer, a broker with Prudential Steamboat Realty, spent three years working in video production in New York. With that technical advantage in his resume, Fryer has set out to produce promotional videos that allow clients to describe their property in their own words for his listings.

Fryer's goal is to create the emotional connection between sellers and buyers that usually is lacking simply because of the process, which keeps buyers and sellers apart.

"People aren't just buying a home in Steamboat; they're buying properties for the ambience and character," Fryer said. "So much of that is about lifestyle. The sellers can convey that better than anybody.

"When they feel emotionally attached to a house, that's when they buy the place."

In the case of the Cure home, Fryer, listening as Grace Cure describes the pleasure derived from living by the creek, anticipates that prospective buyers will feel the desire attachment.

"Because the house is situated right on the creek, I often have the kitchen windows open in the summer so I can listen to the creek. It's very soothing," Cure says during the video. "I also have a garden out there. I grow most of my salad. It's a ritual for me."

Those comments capture the essence of the personal touch that Fryer was attempting to achieve with the video.

"So often Realtors hear clients saying, 'Did they get the home? They didn't get the home,'" Fryer said.

When he says "Did they get the home?" he means, "Did the people touring the house get a good feel for what makes it special?"

Even if a buyers' agent has previously toured the home, it's difficult for him or her to retain and describe the qualities that make different homes stand out from another.

The Cure home relies on geothermal heat that is captured via four wells sunk 300 feet deep on the property. It also features highly efficient windows imported from Europe. The video gives

Jeff Cure a chance to talk about those features and, at the same time, help justify the asking price of $653 per square foot.

Cure said it helped put him at ease that Fryer is a friend as well as his Realtor. Still, he felt self-conscious at first.

"Grace and I don't have any experience on camera, so you wonder, 'How do I look?' I thought I was younger than I look in the video."

Fryer went to the unusual length of borrowing an expensive high-definition video camera for the Cure shoot. And for that reason, the Cure video is hosted at a Web site called Vimeo, which can handle high-def. He has created a Web page featuring the property and embedded a link to the video, at Vimeo, in a still photo of the home. In an effort to spread the video virally, Fryer also has posted it on his page and is promoting it to people on his e-mail list.

Other Realtors and their clients might post similar videos that aren't done in high definition to, he said.

Fryer absorbs the cost of producing the videos for special listings. However, Steamboat videographer Kelly Anzalone said his fees for producing 30-second commercial spots for real estate listings begin at $500.

Jeff Cure has been a fine homebuilder for 38 years, and no one can explain the joinery of his timber frame home, nor the recycled wood and timbers used in its construction, like he can.

In the video, he gestures at a 150-year-old post made of rock elm from a barn in Wisconsin. Its surface reflects the fact that it was hand-hewn.

"To think someone chopped this tree down and stood over it with an axe and shaped it is impressive," he said. "You have to be a wood-lover to appreciate it."


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