Dustin R. Stratton: Wrong location


Wrong location

To those involved in the process, please consider carefully the planned location for the new post office. To every local, please declare your displeasure. Pine Grove is not the place.

The area is already over-congested. Adding a major destination would be a mistake. Don't forget that this will be the only post office in town.

Putting the building at this location only moves the mess, it does not solve the problem. Surely there are better options. I might suggest the vacant lot in Central Park Plaza. At least that way there is more than one way to get there.

Dustin R. Stratton

Steamboat Springs


aichempty 8 years, 4 months ago

I still can't believe they don't have the gumption to figure out how to deliver mail to homes in Steamboat Springs. It's done everywhere else in the country on a daily basis.

The problem is the U. S. Postal Service. Period. They're a bunch of numbskulls, and the sooner they go out of business and let UPS and Fedex take over, the better off we'll all be.

One of my relatives had to move her mailbox to the other side of a busy highway because -- get this -- the USPS thinks it's not safe for their carriers to make a left turn. No kidding. An old lady can walk across a busy highway to pick up her mail, but the guy who delivers it in a truck isn't allowed to make a left turn.

I'll just take a second here to mention that I used exactly two first-class stamps last year. Everything else, including Routt County property tax, YVEA, HOA dues -- everything -- was paid online using Bank of America's online checking service. I get bills delivered online. Never had a problem with this in the whole time I've been using it, which has been several years.

One of the two checks I mailed with one of the stamps I used last year came back to me, sealed with its torn envelope in a plastic bag by the U S Postal Service, with a note apologizing that it had been "damaged" in handling by the Post Office. I mailed two letters all year, and they tore up one of them. Like I said, they're numbskulls.

So, nobody with a computer needs to send mail anymore. Solve the post office problem by not using them. Maybe if nobody uses the Steamboat post office, they'll close it and deliver our mail to our homes from Craig .


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