Injured good samaritan receives ticket


— He may have saved three lives, but RTD bus driver Jim Moffett got a jaywalking ticket anyway, along with broken bones and internal bleeding.

Moffett, 58, was driving an RTD bus southbound on Federal Boulevard at 62nd Avenue about 9 p.m. Friday, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

A couple of elderly women exited the bus and tried to walk across Federal to their trailer home on the east side, Moffett's stepson, Ken McDonald said Tuesday.

"With that light snowstorm, my stepdad didn't think they could cross the street safely," McDonald said.

"There's a six- or seven-block area where there's really no place to cross.

"So, he got off the bus with another passenger, and they helped the ladies cross," he said.

The four people had made it about halfway across Federal, and most of the northbound traffic had slowed to let them go the rest of the way, McDonald said.

"But one pick-up driver got impatient and passed in the left hand turn lane," McDonald said.

"He plowed right into my stepdad - but not before he pushed the old ladies and the other guy out of the way."

Moffett is at St. Anthony Central Medical Center with bleeding in the brain, broken bones in his face, a dislocated shoulder, a broken wrist and possible ruptured spleen and liver, McDonald said.

His right knee needs a complete rebuild.

"He kind of got it head to toe," McDonald said. "He got knocked out of his shoes and lost his glasses and hearing aid."

Moffett can't believe he got a jaywalking ticket for his trouble. His stepson calls it "absolutely obscene."

McDonald said his stepfather didn't choose the route across the road, the elderly women already had started across. "And there's not a safe place to cross the road anyway on that whole stretch."

Eddie Moore, of Denver, the passenger who helped Moffett help the women, also was cited for jaywalking by the Colorado State Patrol.

The driver of the pickup, Steven C. David, of Denver, was cited for careless driving causing injury.

McDonald said his stepfather "would give you the shirt off his back. He gives to a fault."

His stepfather told him afterward that he would "pay a jaywalking ticket every day of the week while working if that's what it took to help these little old ladies," McDonald said.

The jaywalking citation should be dismissed and crosswalks should be installed on that stretch of Federal, he said.


jk 8 years, 1 month ago

Leave it up to our wonderful staties, I guess they forgot they are here to serve and protect.


JLM 8 years, 1 month ago

Just when you think that world class "stupid" is on the decline, it springs up as strong and virulent as ever. Stupid is as stupid does!


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