Paul Hands: Shame on schools


First, I read elementary school student Riley Toye's riveting letter to the editor (Jan. 14), documenting the withholding of school lunches for want of (little) money. Great damage control by Ms. Cunningham on CNN - mainly because she was so well composed. Kindergartners were made to cry from embarrassment, and that stinks. After talking about it with my neighbors, both Boulder grade-school teachers, I found out that all school children are entitled to a daily lunch, compliments of the federal government, free and without embarrassment, attainable with the mere filing of one little form. Why do we have to hurt students for no reason?

Second, the birthday holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is not a holiday with the Steamboat Springs School District. Why not? I am 63, and to my generation, this is a really important holiday. To not celebrate it as such is, dare I say it, racist. I have complained about this since it was made a holiday - it was always blamed on the "calendar committee," whoever they are. They should be ashamed for their lack of sensitivity and social consciousness. I know we live in a bubble here, but are we that out of touch that we just don't, as a community, care about the significance of the MLK holiday?

Paul Hands

Steamboat Springs


freerider 8 years, 2 months ago

RIGHT ON PAUL ....Couldn't agree with you more the school sucks in this matter and MLK day should be observed as well


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