Class notes: High school students honored with Academic Letters


Steamboat Springs High School honored Academic Letter recipients during a ceremony Tuesday. Students earn an academic letter by achieving a GPA of 3.75 for two or more consecutive semesters.

First year recipients:

Sophie Abate, Justin Anderson, Tanner Anderson, Russell Andres, Christopher Barounos, Alex Bashan, Laura Bradfield, Hayley Brookshire, Jack Burger, Kayla Delancey, Amanda DeVos, Linnea Dixson, Jessica Dunlop, Kayleigh Esswein, Catherine Fischer, Carly Fox, Cassidy Fox, Michaela Frias, Jeffrey Gay, Natalie Geer, Kevin Gower, Joseph Haight, Colton Harding, Kiersten Henry, Chris Holmquist, Danielle Krey, Katheryn Lettunich, Valerie Lezin, Emma Lichtenfels, Jessica Mader, Kendall McGill, Molly Moore, Hannah Ogden, Erik Owen, Ben Paley, Lorin Paley, Claire Parsons, Jenna Peters, Chloe Petersen, Jennifer Peterson, Anne Poirot, Megan Rae, Keegan Rogan, Camille Sachs, Michael Savory, Elizabeth Schurman, Hope Scott, Jonas Seiler, Lauren Siegel, Jeffrey Sperry, Kathleen Stack, Elizabeth Stout, Harrison Weinberg, Skylar Weir, Patrick Weston, McKenzie Worden, Natalie Wright, Kendall Yeager

Second year recipients:

Ian Anderson, Hannah Beggs, Morgan Bessette, Emily Birch, Kelsey Butler, Matt Dawes, Kathleen Dobell, Matthia Duryea, Courtney Garth, Sam Glaisher, Meghan Hanrahan, Anna Jensen, Aimee Jones, Julia Kuczkowski, Hanna Kurowski, Jeffrey Lambart, Charlotte Letson, Jayde Mattox, Paula Ninger, Stefan Palmer, Nicholas Parnell, Molly Parsons, Dylan Pivarnik, Scott Ptach, Corey Puffett, Mia Quick, Aiden Rohde, Andrew Ruff, Alexa Ruppell, Keenan Starbuck, Carl Steele, Lucas Stover, Kylee Swiggart, Amanda Thielemann, Jack Verploeg, Erika Walters, Alexandra Wetzler, Jon Winkelblech, Jaime Winter

Third year recipients:

Hanna Berglund, Cameron Comeau, Sarah Dixson, Zach Dunlop, Chrissy Ford, Jamie Gay, Graham Geppert, Katherine Ingalls, Maggie Kriz, Brittany Long, Haley O'Brien, Miriam Pensack, Cody Poirot, Charlie Stoddard, Sierra Weir


jk 8 years, 2 months ago

Let's here a shout out for these kids over at the high school still learning hard. Good Job Keep it up!!!


raver 8 years, 2 months ago

These kids are our future and we are very proud of them.They are motivated and positive,and also well rounded and well liked.Hooray for all of them and conrats to the seniors!!!!!


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