Steamboat’s Sam Glaisher flies down Howelsen Hill in the second run of Friday’s high school Alpine skiing slalom event. Glaisher recorded the fastest time in each of the two rounds and easily won the event.

Photo by Joel Reichenberger

Steamboat’s Sam Glaisher flies down Howelsen Hill in the second run of Friday’s high school Alpine skiing slalom event. Glaisher recorded the fastest time in each of the two rounds and easily won the event.

High school boys, girls teams win Alpine meet at Howelsen Hill



Steamboat skier Sarah White races to the bottom of Howelsen Hill on Friday. White won the high school alpine slalom event, leading the way for a Sailors' sweep of the podium.

Alpine skiing race results

Boys results

  1. Sam Glaisher, Steamboat, 1:01.65

  2. Matthias Krainz, Summit, 1:07.06

  3. Micah Evonitz, Aspen, 1:07.23

  4. Murphy Roberts, Steamboat, 1:07.89

  5. Erik Powers, Steamboat, 1:16.01

  6. Connor Bernard, Steamboat, 1:19.29

  7. Dane Dixson, Steamboat, 1:20.69

  8. Matthew Dennis, Steamboat, 1:20.75

  9. Alec Schaffer, Steamboat, 1:22.46

  10. Ryan Hogrefe, Steamboat, 1:29.04

  11. Hunter Willis, Steamboat, 1:31.64

  12. Jeffrey Gay, Steamboat, 1:37.52

Girls results

  1. Sarah White, Steamboat, 1:12.25

  2. Suzanne Lyons, Steamboat, 1:15.03

  3. Natalie Pearl, Steamboat, 1:15.31

  4. Cassady Daley, Steamboat, 1:16.61

  5. Lexie Baden, Steamboat, 1:18.16

  6. Linnea Dixson, Steamboat, 1:18.19

  7. Rachel Grubbs, Steamboat, 1:24.20

  8. Erika Walters, Steamboat, 1:25.00

  9. Ali Pougiales, Steamboat, 1:26.43

  10. Julia Cooper, Steamboat, 1:26.49

  11. Mallory Hoots, Steamboat, 1:27.48

  12. Martha Anderson, Steamboat, 1:30.29

  13. Megan Rosa, Steamboat, 1:32.17

  14. Kate Cooper, Steamboat, 1:34.20

  15. Katie Hostetler, Steamboat, 1:42.85

  16. Katie Ross, Steamboat, 1:53.18

  17. Gracie Whelihan, Steamboat, 1:54.75

  18. Camille Ribo, Steamboat, 2:00.68

  19. Eva Lambek, Steamboat, 2:11.14

■ Boys team standings

  1. Steamboat, 171

  2. Summit, 167

  3. Aspen 166

■ Girls team standings

  1. Steamboat, 177

  2. Summit, 168

  3. Aspen, 157

— It was a day that at one point saw a seemingly endless stream of racers fly off or tumble down the course. Plenty of Steamboat Springs High School skiers were among those who were frustrated by the slalom course Friday at Howelsen Hill as the school hosted the first high school Alpine skiing event of the season.

Enough Sailors managed to survive the best Howelsen had, however, and in the end, Steamboat cleaned up on its home course.

The high school’s boys and girls teams won the overall team titles. Sophomore Sarah White led a Steamboat sweep of the girls podium, and senior Sam Glaisher took first on the boys side to lead that squad.

“It was a great way to start our season,” Steamboat coach Kate Warner said.

White’s victory never was in doubt. Also a regular with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, she made only a few high school races last year. She said the laid-back style of the events encouraged her to try out again this winter, however, and she said she was relaxed even as she stood in the starting gate ready for her second run.

She recorded the fastest time of the first round and did it again in the second, finishing with a combined time of 1 minute, 12.25 seconds. Steamboat’s Suzanne Lyon was second at 1:15.03, and the Sailors’ Natalie Pearl was third in 1:15.31.

That proved enough for the team to claim first. Steamboat had 177, nine more than second-place Summit.

“It was just great being up there on the podium with all my girls,” White said. “We were just having fun. All my friends were cheering for me as I left the starting gate and at the finish. It was laid back and just great.”

Glaisher, too, recorded the fastest time on the first run, but by the time he stood atop the face of Howelsen, there was reason to be nervous. A Steamboat boys team victory seemed a done deal after the first run. Sailors had seven of the top 15 times and each of the fastest three.

Disaster struck in the second round. Jeffrey Gay missed a gate near the top of the run and spent valuable seconds climbing back up to catch it. Tommy Lyon missed a gate at the bottom and threw his poles in anger as he realized his time wouldn’t count. Connor Bernard, only a fraction of a second behind Glaisher after the first go, also skidded out at the bottom of the course and had to hike back up to register any time at all.

“They handed you a lot of speed up the course, but then, in the end, portion really tightened up the radius,” Bernard said. “It was hard to keep up with the pace, and it really quickened up at the end.”

“We had it going pretty good, but it looked like the course would be our undoing,” Gay added.

Turns out, the course wasn’t quite enough to slow Steamboat.

Glaisher managed the course without problem and skidded in for a huge victory. His combined time was 1:01.65, well ahead of Matthias Krainz, of Summit, in 1:07.06.

Micah Evonitz, of Aspen, was third in 1:07.23. It all added up to a Steamboat team victory, 171 points to Summit’s 167.

“I wanted to go for it. I won the first run but was still a little disappointed,” Glaisher said. “I went hard, but was smart about it.”

Murphy Roberts, fourth on the boys side; Erik Powers, seventh; Bernard, 11th; Dane Dixson, 13th; Matthew Dennis, 15th; and Alec Schaffer, 17th; all qualified for state in addition to Glaisher.

Cassady Daley, fifth; Lexie Baden, seventh; Linnea Dixson, eighth; Rachel Grubbs, 13th; Erika Walters, 15th; Ali Pougiales, 16th; Julia Cooper, 17th; Mallory Hoots, 18th; and Martha Anderson, 20th; also qualified to join White, Lyon and Pearl at state.


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