Kevin Fisher and Ryan Fisher: A pot conversation


Editor's note: The following letter is in response to Joanne Palmer's column "A growing opportunity" in the Aug. 26 Steamboat Today:

(An excerpt from a conversation between Kevin and Ryan Fisher, proprietors of Steamboat's first medical marijuana dispensary)

Hey Ryan, did you get a chance to read that piece by Ms. Palmer in the paper today?

Sure did. Boy, I think maybe we should have spoken with her before we got involved in this whole "dispensary thing."

Yeah, I had no idea there were only 34 registered medical marijuana patients in Routt County. That's not much of a client base.

You're telling me.

I would have thought my degree in mathematics would have come in handy when we were crunching these numbers ... a whole semester wasted in data structures and algorithm analysis

Fret not, Kevin. Since we're both successful business owners in fields abroad, we can afford the five figures we've invested to get this thing up and running.

But Ryan, I think we blew it there, too. Ms. Palmer wrote that all we needed were some heat lamps and pots filled with dirt. How could we have spent so carelessly?

We're just flighty, I guess. Due diligence is certainly not our strongest suit.

Well, Kevin, at least we won't be too crowded and we'll have a nice place to help those 34 patients. Have you talked to your parents about this yet? You have a bunch of family in health care, don't you? I'm sure they'll be happy to hear your inner philanthropist is blossoming.

No, I haven't actually. I must not have mentioned to you that my mom died of cancer when I was 23. She fought it for 13 years before it finally won. Too bad her grandfather was the chief of police in our city and she dared not break any law. Back then, cannabis was illegal for medicinal purposes, and she would never have considered using it to treat her debilitating nausea or the accompanying loss of appetite that eventually drove her to a bedridden existence.

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. At least we know that our endeavor may be able to help someone avert the same fate.

Cheers to that.

Oh ... before I forget. When speaking to Steve Jobs and Henry Ford earlier during our weekly conference call, they both agreed that the biggest regret they had in life were being early adopters in their fields.

Yeah - Bill Gates told me the other day there were only 34 computer users in his county when he was growing up.

Man, what a bunch of screw-ups.

I bet they could have really picked up some helpful pointers from Ms. Palmer's intelligent, thought-provoking piece.

Well said.

Kevin Fisher and Ryan Fisher

Steamboat Springs


freerider 7 years, 8 months ago

Thanks Kevin and Ryan for helping Steamboat move into the 21st century and out of the dark ages, Nobody would think twice or write a story about all the legal pharmaceudicals that kill thousands every year, or nicotine , or alcohol , cell phones and text messaging are more dangerous than marijuana , the drug war is the scam of the century , all drugs do is finance criminals and terrorist's .....time to legalize...Holland has half the drug abuse as the USA ...I've lost several friends to cancer and they deserve to have there choice of medication


JLM 7 years, 8 months ago

Pretty damn......................................dopey!

I just hope they were sampling some of their own bud when they wrote this dopey piece. I think we are safe that this is not the next Apple or Microsoft --- supercilious twits, maybe?


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago

These two enterpreneurs are obviously positioning themselves to make a killing in weed when it becomes legal for all purposes.

In the meantime, if they come up with excess they can't legally distribute, I guess they'll dispose of it by burning it, right?

There's no doubt that using pot to cure nausea and be able to eat is a humanitarian and merciful purpose. If they can just avoid the temptation to channel the stuff into the hands of people who are not legal users, and refrain from using it themselves, the nobility of their cause will be proven.

I understand the interest in providing it to people who really need it, but why not put the money into paying health insurance premiums for people who can't afford them instead? The answer to that question reveals the motivation behind the gesture -- to help people, or to only help people if it involves marijuana?


NchronicPain 7 years, 8 months ago

Oh come on Aich.... go back in your hole. If you read the recent articles, these fellows are both mmj patients also, so why would they need to refrain from using the medicine?? Again, you're making no sense. And, you point about these fellows focus on "only helping people with marijuana"....well, thats their business. What "business" is there in paying people's health insurance premiums?? Again, making no sense. Brain Surgeons only help people that need brain don't see them treating allergys, or broken ankles..... The motivation behind their gesture is to do just as you people with medical marijuana. Thanks, Ryan. Thanks, Kevin.


NchronicPain 7 years, 8 months ago

I guess it has never occured to you, Aich, that some people are just born with a slower mental compacity than other people. Some have developmental disablities, some are simply just stupid. You seem to assume everyone that makes mistakes, or is kinda slow, is a "pot-smokers". If someone is not as perfect as you expect us all to be, then they must smoke pot, and they must be a completely worthless person. wow.... disgusting. It never is discussed that any medical marijuana is going into the hands of our youth. Ever. So get off it. Explain why the State Dept of Health would approve a 17 year old for medical marijuana, because, with doctor & parental consent, it does happen. I even read an article that was just published in Europe about how Cannabinoids have recently been proven to protect us from prostate cancer......wasn't it you, Aich, that yapped off about marijuana causing prostate cancer??? When I say it is harmless, I should state that it is in comparison to any pharmacuetical alternative. There are many more side-effects that go along with pharmacueticals, than with medical marijuana any day.

Thank you, Aich, for continuing to come on these comments sections and make an utter fool out of yourself. Here's a tip for you.....The world will never live up to your standards, Aich. And I'm sure glad. Because, when I make a mistake, I hope people are helpful and loving, not judgemental and rude, full of harsh assumptions and no patience. My mother does not use medical marijuana, (although it would help her osteo-arthritic pain and bone spurs tremdously) and she forgets things and makes mistakes all the time. I have patience with her....and other people too... I live to exude compassion for everyone, to be patient with the way they were born. I never assume. I ask and get facts. I use marijuana everyday, from sun up to sun down, and I am successful, with a college degree and a Master's Degree in the plans, a beautiful wife who is also successful and currently in college, I have worked in my field for many years with promotions and raises, all while smoking pot. Some day, I hope the generation of people that think like Aich will fizzle out and eat their words, because the world has way bigger problems attributing to people's poor attitudes, poor job performances, poor spiritual lives, and poor health habits...... with the nation in economic turmoil.. more crime..corruption..pregnant teens..child abuse..domestic violence..alcohol on every corner..with guns more readily available... than every before; people are scared, stressed, have given up, are more under-educated, and down-right tired. Why don't you give people a break, Aich?? Stop blaming a plant that they may or may not use....and maybe look a little deeper. Oh wait..... that's what you lack.... deepness. I figured it out. Life is all on the surface to you, isn't it?? Pretty sad.


kevin fisher 7 years, 8 months ago

Supercilious...most definitely; a twit...TBD

People, this was meant to be a humorous treatment of Ms. Palmer's overtly sarcastic piece which was, I believe, directed as us when she had absolutlety no basis for her comments.

Nchronic answers aich well. I do though, need to address the issue of legality. If you have resided in Steamboat for any real period of time, you are likely aware of the robust marijuana blackmarket. Why would we go through this effort and allow ourselves to become the focus of public scrutiny with the intention of operating in a manner outside of the law? If you are a registered medical marijuana patient then we welcome the opportunity to serve you. If you do not hold that red card, then you will not procure meds from us.

Medical marijuana is a serious topic and if anyone would like, come by Rocky Mountain Remedies at 2750 Downhill Drive #205, and we'll have a serious discussion.

Kevin Fisher


NchronicPain 7 years, 8 months ago

Although Ms. Palmer intended innocent humor with her sarcastic commentary, I see it as a cynically written article with little validity, enormous assumptions, and judgemental flare to her attitude. I love to see intelligent conversations about medical marijuana. But, when the topic is initiated in such a ridiculous manner, I get bothered. Open your minds and think for yourself people!! Don't believe the hype!! It's a sad thing that people, like Ms. Palmer, have fallen into the trap set by our government during the days of Cannabis Prohibition, and never stepped out of that trap long enough to see the truth. Little do all of you close-minded people know, but this "joke" of a medicine that so many scoff at as simply a goofy past time, is actually giving people life and healing their bodies.


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago


A few weeks ago, I visited a local lumber yard to procure some building supplies. I paid for what I wanted, and was sent to the warehouse with a list. I showed the list to the helper assigned to fill my order.

The poor SOB could not remember what size to get. He'd walk away, come back and ask again, and then walk away to fill the order. I made the mistake of trusting him and did not double check the size he put into the back of my truck. So, I got home and guess what? The ONLY piece he selected and loaded without direct supervision turned out to be the wrong size.

Would you say this is a short-term memory problem? I think so.

Another young gentleman came to my home to do some work, and demonstrated an equal affliction. He could not remember where he placed an electrical fixture he had to remove to install part of a wall. One piece of electrical apparatus that HE REMOVED HIMSELF and then could not find again. I ended up replacing it with a new one because the one that was removed could never be located. This was in an area of less than 100 square feet. I believe he stuck the thing in his pouch for safekeeping and then simply forgot where it was, and walked away with it (innocently, of course. I mean that.)

And were they both pot smokers? Oh, yeah, I think a pi$$ test would have showed evidence of chronic THC abuse.

So, when these 20-something dudes wake up one morning at age 40 or 50 and are still doing menial jobs because they can't remember something as simple as 2 feet four inches versus 2 feet six inches, would you still claim that pot does no harm?

The reason chronic pot smokers don't think it does them any harm is because they DON'T REMEMBER the harm it is doing to them every day. Medical marijuana for young, healthy people is a travesty. They've been conquered by a dumb plant, and are rationalizing away the facts, aided by poor memories caused by abuse of THC.

So, marijuana is the perfect addictive drug. You don't see the harm it is doing, and worse, you don't care. There's no way to win this argument, but here's a tip. I won't hire pot smokers a second time, and neither will anybody else with good sense and a choice. Less than two minutes of their defective reasoning caused me to lose a day in one case, and several hours in the other, over something that any ten-year old child should be able to accomplish without assistance. That's just sad.

So, you say pot does no harm? Then how about sending me a check for the vacation time I wasted correcting the mistakes made by these two buffoons. $500 would be just about right. Send it made out to CASH, to me, care of the Steamboat Pilot. The Pilot knows my name and address, so I'm sure it will get to me -- unless . . .

Have a nice day.


TWill 7 years, 8 months ago

Nothing better than a good aich vs. chronie duel! Have it it boys- pull no punches!

(aich- we're awaiting your reply...)


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago


The day Chronie's wife gets on an airplane to go to a business meeting and dies in a crash because somebody who worked on the plane, or was supposed to close the door, or was supposed to pull safety pins from the landing gear, then he will understand what pot does to people.

Sure, some people are born with less intellectual capacity than others. Why make it worse?

I don't argue with medical marijuana for bona-fide needs such as cancer, chemo, etc. It's the continual casual use that makes young men seek a medical get out of jail free card that disgusts me.

There are lots of people running around with college degrees that require nothing more than a series of book reports. Advanced degrees are more often a result of colleges needing extra income than the talent of the students.

I say again; people who need medicine should have it. People who use more, and stronger medicine than they need are cheating themselves when it impacts their intellectual abilities. I gave two good, recent, first hand examples of people who are doomed to poverty by drug use, and they'd be the first ones to tell me it's not hurting them.

Yes it is. It's hurting you too. "Plans" for a Maters Degree are great. Show me yours and I'll show you mine. I spent two years in grad school suffering from whiplash injury pain because the medication prescribed for me made me sleepy, unable to concentrate, and incapable of keeping up with my classes -- which were pretty much two math classes and a computer programming class, plus some other "easy" course to round it all out every quarter for 8 in a row. Aspirin was my choice, and ibuprofen was still a prescription drug at the time. I dealt with pain and succeeded anyway. So, my experience with pain may not be as bad as yours, but my experience with pain killers proved to me why you're not allowed to take the stuff and do anything really important or dangerous at the same time.

Your dream of a drug-crazed population is pretty much here; it's already true. It's just not legal yet. That's okay. Smoke away. The abuse will show in your performance, and you'll lose business or promotions or something along the way to someone else whose mind is clear more often than yours.

The more you write, the more I know that you're just pleased as punch that you can "legally" stay high and throw it in everybody's face. Okay, you win. Or so you think.


NchronicPain 7 years, 8 months ago

Ding!! Ding!! Round 2!!


Yes, I am pleased..... pleased because I found medicine that works. & I don't get high. I stay medicated. And it helps my performance, hence the promotions. Anything else? My mind is clear, my comments make more sense than yours. Anyone agree? I was much worse off with the pharmacueticals. Much worse off. First you say someone is a "pot-smoker" because they made a mistake, at a lumberyard, on the size of a door, that only affected YOUR day. Then, you go and compare that mistake to leaving a door open on an airplane (which just happens all the time). Geez, Aich, get real. I sure hope, whomever is in charge of locking the doors on an airplane is bright enough to do their job and was hired by bright people. At lumberyards, it's pretty easy to get a job, with no education. My point was..... give people a break. Don't assume every person who makes a mistake is burnt out and worthless. I see your self-centerness. That's what bothers me. Your opinion of me makes no sense, so I could care less what comments you direct at my personality or life choices. You have no clue who I am. But, when you start generalizing the entire population, you throw all your credibililty out the window (that is, if you had any left with anyone).


NchronicPain 7 years, 8 months ago

I've said all I want to say. See ya next article on mmj folks!


TWill 7 years, 8 months ago

Chronie, there's no way your "medication" is helping your performance. It might dull the edge of your pain or anxiety, but as far as an actual performance enhancement? No way. Most likely, you're a pretty intelligent person by nature and are able to effectively manage your day-to-day routine while being "medicated", but its not actually enhancing your mental capability. And its really not doing any favors for the 28 year-old slacker that can barely function at his job delivering pizzas and got a prescription for his non-descript neck pain. As you said, there are many people that have been served a short hand (whether that be through disabilities or just stupidity) and they really need all their wits about them all of the time just to get by. Bumbling through life with a steady glaze is doing nothing but holding them back. Agree? If this door gets opened much more (by way of mainstream dispensaries), don't tell me that the system won't get abused. It's only a matter of time before certain "friendly" doctors start to show up too (if they haven't already).


Duke_bets 7 years, 8 months ago

So, a concerned citizen writes an article and it's followed up with this garbage. Granted, the Fisher's did deserve a chance to respond, but this is ridiculous. I don't believe that dope needs to be promoted any more.

And, stop calling marijuana medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to get high, fine, but don't promote getting high.


NchronicPain 7 years, 8 months ago

OK, OK..... I know I said I was done, but if the conversation is going in a more intelligent direction, than more thing....

I correct my wording (for Mr. T).... You are correct. I do not disagree with anything you said. My medicine is NOT enhancing my is allowing me to perform. Without it, my days would be spent in a great deal of pain with little accomplished. With my meds, I accomplish more, with a better attitude. So, in my opinion, with my meds, my job performance IS enhanced, but not because of the's because if my freedom to live pain-free. I agree, also, with your point regarding the slackers.....marijuana is not a slacker's strong point. My point to Aich was that the assumptions that were made about the lumberyard worker, were made without any grounds and were based upon stereotypes, judgements and darn-near bigotry. That's what bothers me.

And T, the system is already being abused around the State. If the patient truly qualifys, it is not hard for them to find a Doctor that will accept there choice of medicine. Doctors know that marijuana is safer than it's alternatives, ask them.


cougar2006 7 years, 8 months ago

In response to all of this...

Last time I checked, our country was a democracy. It was voted, in the state of Colorado, that we could have medical marijuana dispensaries and licenses, and that is exactly what Kevin and Ryan are doing. They are tax payers just as much as any of you. Last time I checked we were knee deep in a recession, so why not bring the money that is being traded illegally back to our local economy? If they are doing their part to stimulate dollars into an economy that hasn't seen this legal money before, why chastise them with sarcastic comments and ridiculous scenarios about poverty at the age of 40.

All in all, Kevin and Ryan are smart/saavy enough to come up with a business plan that will work in Routt County because Colorado voted for it. There may be only 34 registered cards in Routt Co right now, but that won't last long. The demand is out there and now the supply is here. Based on economy 101 sounds like good business.

Give credit where credit is due...

And last, Aich, if you have having problems with people you work with, maybe you need to find better people to work with. There are TONS of over-qualified people who would be willing to work menial jobs for you right now. Sounds to me like you flushed your own $500 down the toilet!


honestabe 7 years, 8 months ago

Aich, so you bought a door at the lumberyard, and its somehow not your fault that you brought the wrong one home? "honey, its the stoners fault i got the wrong door, not mine!" Didnt you say that you have built an entire house before? In this town?..... Yet its the stoners fault, not yours?!?!?! Must be nice to never be wrong.....


TWill 7 years, 8 months ago

cougar, why do you anticipate the 34 regisitered users and demand to increase?

Is there some influence that will suddenly put that many more people in pain or disease? No, but there needs be doctors issuing prescriptions. Do doctors write presciptions based on economics 101 principles?


bandmama 7 years, 8 months ago

Aichempty- just curious, do you take any prescription meds? Have you really REALLY bothered to look at the potential PERMANANT side effects of some of the legal drugs?????? Here is something to think about, the ONLY drug listed as effective treatment for my disorder at the time of diagnosis (1998) was thalidomide. You do know what that is dont you? This was still back in my child bearing years. My only option was to have NO treatments for my symptoms. I wish that the option of some form of legal relief had been given or offered to me. I just had to suffer. I am sorry you have had bad experiences with what may have been just really stupid dishonest people, you cant assume that all stupidity is directly related to pot use. Ok? Sometimes that happens in nature..........


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago



Well, at least they are using it "legally" and that frees up the cops to do other things.


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago

Okay, the guy at the lumberyard stunk like pot when he arrived. He acted inconvenienced to be called to come help, and I was the only person shopping in the yard at the time.

And yeah, I told the guy what size I needed, I showed him which one I wanted, and he picked out the one next to it and put it on top of the one I had already loaded while I went back for another. So the wrong size was buried in the middle of the stack, with the label hidden, and -- so screw me -- I trusted the guy. Isn't that what you'd all expect me to do after showing him exactly which one to load? So, yeah, next time I double check -- or even better, I go to another yard where the people are more competent.

Chronie, thanks for the admission. I don't begrudge your being able to work because you use marijuana. I disagreed with your assertion that it improved your performance. Now it's clear what you meant.

Cougar, I hired competent people who brought an incompetent helper. Fool me once . . .


I use only one prescription medication currently, having weaned myself off several others (for asthma) as my condition improved. The underlying allergies have been treated, and I have improved considerably. Sometimes we have to choose to take medicine or to stay sick. It's an individual choice. You should be grateful that thalidomide was available and the risks were known, so you could decide what was best for you.

If my wife, or I, needed pot to relieve suffering, you can bet I'd use it without a second thought. It's now legal in the state, and decriminalized by the feds for valid state-licensed users. I also took vicodin for pain when I broke my ankle, and I stopped taking it when the pain eased.

It's not the pot. It's not that people smoke it. It's that people self medicate with it just to alter their mood, and it's destructive when used that way. That's the point.


Wendy Villa 7 years, 8 months ago

If this link does not work, just go to 9news and search for medical marijuana. It discusses how 15 doctors in Colorado account for the majority of medical marijuana prescriptions. One doctor even wrote 200 prescriptions in one day. On an 8 hour day that would have him spending only 2.6 minutes with each patient. WOW! (8 hrs x 60 min / 200 patients)


freerider 7 years, 8 months ago

Aich , you keep on harping about stupid pot smokers , did you ever happen to think that some people are just idiots that happen to smoke pot ?? I smoke pot , I'm retired at age 55 , how stupid is that ?? I have a 35 year old girlfriend cuz I look like I'm 40 , how stupid is that ?? I get to go skiing whenever I want . How stupid is that ?? I can travel whenever I want . how stupid is that ?? My I.Q. IS OVER 150 ...ANY QUESTIONS ??


TWill 7 years, 8 months ago

We're very proud of you freebird! I never knew delusions of grandeur to be a side effect of smoking dope.


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago


You sound like a lonely, bitter man. Does the pot help?

I had a friend who fit your description perfectly about 15 years ago. He claimed he had a "trophy wife." Most improved bowling average was about the only trophy she'd fit.

Hey, sorry for the jokes. Good for you. Smoke your pot. Some people have all the luck. See you at the Mensa meeting . . . I'll be the one who remembers where it's held . . .

If you're so freakin smart, then you should understand that I am talking about frequent, heavy, habitual drug use. That's the problem.

You are just young enough to have been free from worry about going to Vietnam. If I'd had your choices, my life would be a lot more like yours, except for the girlfriend (I love my wife) and the dope.

So, I supposed you don't use cocaine. Even if you did, you've have nothing to worry about around here unless you're Mexican.

Peace ;-\


nurmidst 7 years, 8 months ago

Daisey i believe the article says he signed 200 in a day not that he saw 200 patients in a day. when you see these doctors it is usually at a clinic that last a day or two they make appointments over the course of a month or so and see them all at the clinic, you have to be pre screened and have your medical records and history proving the condition that qualifies you. imagine if we only had 15 doctors in Colorado prescribing xanax or vicodin what would their waiting rooms look like!


Dumpy_the_Wise 7 years, 7 months ago

Oh please Aich, your life would just be like freerider's? Then why did you call him a lonely bitter man? I want you to give me something I have never seen you do in this post...a fact. And I don't want you to give me that old, "I have been around every friggin' situation in the world! Therefore, I will tell you a life story filled with emotion and epiphanies rather than give you evidence" crap.


mmjPatient22 7 years, 7 months ago

First time poster. As some of you may have gathered, I am a medical marijuana patient. I am a local to our beautiful Routt county and a Colorado native. I am, by no means, an expert on the material at hand but I do possess some factual information concerning the subject and would thoroughly enjoy discussing any of that information with anyone that can hold a logical, thought based conversation. I am of the belief that people who only regurgitate information they've heard/seen on TV "news", read in "news"-papers or heard on radio "news" have very little to contribute to a conversation. Any cursory glance at American, and even world history will reveal that our culture, among countless others, have discovered and embraced the medicinal and/or psychological qualities of a great number of naturally occurring plants and, in some cases, toxins occurring in the animal kingdom. Now, it goes without saying that a more than a few of those "discoveries" have proven to be more trouble than they're worth. That being said, the cultures that have found a way(s) to embrace the good and beneficial substances in nature and harness their ability to heal and/or treat members of their society that would otherwise be suffering, greatly or not, deserve to reap the benefits. The marijuana plant, otherwise known as the hemp plant, has a vast array of, historically documented, alternative uses besides the most obvious. Right from the word "go," our forefathers knew, grew and used this crop to provide for rope, canvas for sails, oil and protein for cooking and a few other things too, wink wink....nudge nudge. Eventually, our country, in its great and infinite wisdom(insert sarcasm here), decided that the profits and jobs that could be sustained by pursuing an endless war against certain "drugs" far out-weighed the benefits of just letting society carry on as it once did. It seems to me that the only substantial "evidence" ever produced for arguing against the legalization of marijuana has been as laughable as the themes of films like "Reefer Madness." I defy any of you that would love to see Amendment 20 stricken from the Colorado State Constitution to produce a single piece of verifiable evidence that supports your argument. This means coming up with something other than "...the guy at the lumber yard smelled like pot..." or "...I saw a stoned guy kill another guy with some heavy equipment..."


mmjPatient22 7 years, 7 months ago

I actually shed a tiny, little tear when I realized that this article, and subsequent discussion, went dormant upon my last post two weeks ago. I was hoping someone would publish some grand, master piece of literature that could strike down the argument for legalizing marijuana, once and for all. Do I dare lose hope in the prohibitionists?


mmjPatient22 7 years, 7 months ago

For the sake of clarity, and for those of you out there that might be having a difficult time interpreting that last bit.....yes, it was smothered in sarcasm.


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