Terry Armstrong: West Acres concerns


— In regards to the "Residents fight route" article in the Aug. 9 Steamboat Pilot & Today, I want to go on record saying it's a shame the city of Steamboat Springs chose the route of filing a "quiet title action suit against the original mobile home park developers." It is a shame Loui Antonucci never dreamed the road would be a problem with the trailer owners.

We, the owners of the mobile homes, also have been aware of the intended road for years. We have attended the advisory and input meetings, but we never were informed of the intention to condemn our greenbelts to accommodate the building of the road. Had we been informed, the city likewise would have been informed of our very real concerns as a viable, tax-paying part of this community.

You may argue that the tax on a trailer is significantly lower than that of a privately owned, stick-built home and therefore we are not entitled to consideration in this matter. However, the taxes you charge the owners of the park are greatly reflected in the amount of money we pay for monthly lot rent.

My name is Terry Armstrong, and I want to emphasize that the New Victory Highway is a road to nowhere because it moves one potential traffic bottleneck to two very real and present bottlenecks. It is nearly impossible to again access from Downhill Drive east in the early morning rush hour, so most residents of the west end opt to take Routt County Road 129, where you can sit as long as three cycles of the traffic signal before turning onto U.S. Highway 40, all the while being courteous enough to give the people entering TIC space to get into the parking lot.

The proposed road will have an impact on those traveling south on C.R. 129 in the mornings. The emissions from vehicles will affect our city, as will the emissions of the vehicles from the proposed 2,000 Steamboat 700 homes and the new homes slated to be built in the 360 project. Remember that ugly brown cloud that formed in the valley in the late 1980s and early 1990s? It was from wood-burning stoves and was easily solved with an ordinance. Are we inviting the cloud back with no forethought of the consequences the amount of increased vehicles will produce in emissions pollution?

Remember when West End Village was up for approval? The largest selling point as to why it should be approved was that it would not be visible from the U.S. 40 corridor. What happened there? In recent editions of the Steamboat Today, there are six columns of jobs, 11 columns of residential homes and condos for rent, and 10 1/2 columns of residential homes and condos for sale. Do we need 2,000-plus more homes in the valley?

They say you can't stop progress, but should you sit idly by and be railroaded by it? I would like to see this annexation put to a public vote and then let the chips fall as they may.

Terry Armstrong

Steamboat Springs


1999 7 years, 8 months ago

the reason the road will be built in the mobile park is so the developers will not waste valuable lot space ($$$$) on a road from 40.


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