Meg Bentley: Voters are responsible


— Let's say, for discussion's sake, that the voters are the CEO of a corporation and the elected officials are the employees of that corporation. Then, locally, we would have about 10,000 corporate officers and seven employees. In a small business, the CEO knows the names of all the employees. The CEO lets the employees know what is expected of them. And the CEO checks up on the employees' progress.

Do you know the names of all seven members of the Steamboat City Council? Do you know which incumbents will be running for re-election this fall? Do you know how those incumbents voted, over the past two years, on issues that are important to you?

If not, the local election this fall is your opportunity to change that. Who is running? What are the candidates promising you, and how do they propose to take action? Remember this about each candidate: Hold them accountable. Whether the proposed actions are actually taken or whether campaign promises are empty is the sole responsibility of the voters.

In business, if the employees don't follow through on what they promised as they applied for your job, it could be construed as fraudulent misrepresentation of self. And as their employer, it is up to you to call them on their actions. In business, bait-and-switch campaign tactics would be cause for immediate termination. Do you really want to allow those tactics in politics? The voters have the sole responsibility for what they will accept from the candidates and from their elected officials.

Meg Bentley

Steamboat Springs City Council member


maggie 7 years, 8 months ago

So what are you trying to say Meg? Following your theory, you should check out the past actions of some of the candidates running for election too. Actions, moral behavior are a lot stronger than words.


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