David Ihde: Health care rebuttal


Lynn, your statistics are way off base (Letter to the editor: "Health care reform," Aug. 12, Steamboat Today). Cancer survival rates are way higher here in the U.S. compared to elsewhere. And I can't believe your statement about bacterial infections, which run absolutely rampant in British public hospitals. And those standards that you allude to as to whether we have the best health care are based on health insurance coverage, not the actual health care.

Those socialist buddy clubs tend to pat each other on the back. Kind of like the socialist buddy club that hands out the Nobel Prize. As for employees, they are not being dropped in group plans of an employer after being sick. That is a problem for individual policyholders such as myself.

And how many times have we heard that the government will just cut "waste fraud and abuse" to pay for something only to have it never materialized? Already, President Barack Obama has given up trying to find any savings in the current budget and beyond. And why are they not doing that now, especially considering our dim federal budget? What are they waiting for?

You're dreaming if you think this plan will not add to the deficit. When does the government control costs on anything? But they will try through rationing if they ever get full control of our health care. And if that happens, we all are in trouble. Please don't say that insurance companies are rationing now. They are not. True rationing is when you limit the product itself, not a denied claim. The patient still has other choices to pay for a procedure, from cash out of pocket to charity and everything in between. But if the government rations the care itself, you can't get it at any price. Why do you think Canadians come here and pay our doctors out of pocket as opposed to paying their own doctors out of pocket? And if you do not believe the government will ration health care, then why did Obama say awhile back that it might be better for someone to take pain medication than to have another operation or other procedure? I think our forefathers were right: Our health care is none of the government's business.

The government has interfered long enough in the health care market. The answer lies in getting them out, not giving them more power. The answer is in spurring more competition by allowing us to purchase health insurance across state lines. The public option is not competition as one entity can make all the rules and throw good money after bad endlessly regardless of how well-run the program is. The answer is to stop mandating benefits on insurance companies, which drives up the costs.

The answer is to stop forcing hospitals to care for those without insurance, thus driving up costs. Yes, we do need reform. But the Obama plan is not about health care; it's about power and control. Otherwise they would not be trying to stuff it down our throats. He also would stop blaming special interest groups for opposing his plan when his own special interest group are not part of the solution.

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs


David Ihde 4 years, 7 months ago

Oh yes they have! They have proposed tort reform, allowing us to purchase insurance across state lines and a host of other proposals. Sorry your liberal media does not inform you properly.


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