Oak Creek Town Board considers law options

Members ask Jackson County undersheriff to share strategies


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What: Oak Creek Town Board meeting

When: 7 p.m. today

Where: Oak Creek Town Hall

Agenda: The regular meeting of the Oak Creek Town Board will include a discussion about law enforcement and an update on Labor Day festivities.

— Oak Creek Town Board members want to know how other counties contract law enforcement to towns within their boundaries, and they'll get a firsthand account tonight from Jackson County Undersheriff Scott Fischer.

Fischer and Walden Town Clerk Windy VanValkenburg were scheduled to attend the Town Board's July 23 meeting to discuss the law enforcement issue, but they did not show up.

Town Board members are seeking input from other counties as they struggle to provide police coverage to the town. One option available to the Town Board members is to establish a contract with the Routt County Sheriff's Office, similar to the Sheriff's Office arrangement with Yampa.

Oak Creek has not had a police force since its members resigned at the end of last year. Only police consultant Eileen Rossi, who deals with paperwork and maintaining the evidence locker, remains on the payroll.

The 7 p.m. Town Board meeting at the Oak Creek Town Hall also

will include an audit report by Tim Mayberry and an update from the Oak Creek Labor Day Committee. At the last Town Board meeting, committee leaders told trustees they plan to carry on with the annual festivity even if it is less attended.

Judy Deming, one of the organizers, said she will organize a fishing competition again this year if the town would like it. Fellow organizer Candy Johnson said the town should have some activities to continue the tradition.

"Our philosophy is if we don't try to do everything we did in years past, (visitors) will discontinue trying to come to Labor Day" in Oak Creek, she said.

Mayor J. Elliott told the committee to come to tonight's meeting with information about road closures so the town can plan for the event.

The board also will discuss code enforcement. A woman who was offered the code enforcement officer position declined it earlier this month.


Wayne Eller 7 years, 8 months ago

Oak Creek had an excellant opportunity to get a chief that was willing and able to come to work and would still be there today. But no, the committee chose someone else that was questionable from the start. He left in the middle of the night without an explanation to any one and went back to Va. May be the town should look up the one they did not choose and see if he is still interested. He would be a great choice and would fit the town's needs.


Scott Wedel 7 years, 8 months ago

Seems to me that the County is in the position to dictate terms and the Town cannot do much about it.

All the Town can do is unincorporate and thus dump police, land use, liquor licenses, road maintenance and so on, onto the County.

So the County has to set terms that the Towns people think it worth the cost as part of having local government.

Or the Town and County can operate without an agreement as they have been doing for almost a year now.


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