Pietras to run for City Council

Hermacinski decides to face Bennett in District 1 race


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Kyle Pietras

Local landscaper Kyle Pietras said Monday that he will run in this year's Steamboat Springs City Council election.

Pietras said he would run for the four-year, District 1 seat being vacated by term-limited Councilman Steve Ivancie or council's two-year, at-large seat held by Councilwoman Cari Hermacinski. Hermacinski said last week that she would run to keep her at-large seat, but she has changed her mind and will run for the District 1 seat against her Old Town neighbor, former City Council President Kevin Bennett. Pietras said that means he probably will run for the at-large seat.

"I wouldn't want to run against Cari," he said. "I support her as being a current council member. I think she's doing a great job."

In the at-large race, Pietras may face another former councilman, Jim Engelken, who said last week that he is considering running for a second stint on the council. Engelken said Tuesday that he is undecided but leaning toward running. Bennett and Engelken have leveled heavy criticisms against current council members, who they think are too pro-development. Pietras, however, said he is a fan of the current council's work.

"They've had lots of decisions in front of them, and I think they've handled them well," said Pietras, 39.

Pietras said he supports the planned Steamboat 700 development west of city limits that proposes about 2,000 homes on 500 acres and is seeking annexation. A City Council vote on whether to annex Steamboat 700 is scheduled for fall.

"I don't think it's a bad idea," Pietras said. "Steamboat is going to grow, and I think (Steamboat 700 is) going to be the future of Steamboat."

Pietras is originally from Massachusetts and moved to Steamboat in 1995. He said his main motivation for running is to help make decisions that will keep Steamboat a working class town he can continue to live in and that his children can some day live and work in.

"I'm a Steamboat guy, and I just want to make sure Steamboat stays Steamboat," he said.

Four out of seven City Council seats are up for election this year. Other candidates who have confirmed their candidacy include incumbent Councilman Walter Magill, who holds a District 3 seat representing southern Steamboat; and local businessman Kenny Reisman, who said he would run for the four-year, District 2 seat representing the mountain area. City Council President Loui Antonucci is term-limited and vacating that seat.

Nomination petitions are available at the City Clerk's Office in City Hall on 10th Street. The last day to file a petition is Aug. 24.


Terry Noble 7 years, 8 months ago

Finally somebody to represent the common residents. Goooo Kyle!


JustSomeJoe 7 years, 8 months ago

I'd like to see a little more balance on the city council, less folks who's earnings depend on real estate development. We've seen how they vote already. The previous council with Towny swung too far the other way. It's a tough balance to strike in a general election.


addlip2U 7 years, 8 months ago

"I wouldn't want to run against Cari," he said. "I support her as being a current council member. I think she's doing a great job."

City Council need representatives of a community that can REPRESENTS us the citizens of this community. Not someone that just blurr out "I agree with what....said, because that is their job" nearly every time there is a call for a vote.

Based on your comment, I tend to lean that you would not be able to think and rather follow to what every one says........you lost my support!


goremtn 7 years, 8 months ago

Please tell me which livelihoods and earnings are missing that are needed on council to achieve "balance": tourism? retirement and pension earnings? retail? oil & gas? I agree it is nice to have a wide range of career experience on council, but saying that we need "less folks whos earnings depend on real estate development" sounds like a charge that people in real estate development (including landscapers?....really?) are full-on "pro-development" (whatever that means) and that every decision is only about what's good for real estate. "Balance" is not just about "sticking it" to developers and projects....balance is about being balanced, and seeing things from ALL sides in making a decision. Anyway in reality if you are a citizen who owns a home and real estate property in SS then you ARE in the real estate business.


wellbeing 7 years, 8 months ago

Just because Pietras agrees with City Council doesn't mean he will help them do a good job. The last thing this town needs is another yes-man for Hermancinski to move her agenda forward.
I would hesitate to vote for anyone who would announce their candidacy by immediately jumping on the 700 band wagon.


Scott Wedel 7 years, 8 months ago

Landscaping is a business that does so much business with existing homes that it'd be ridiculous to suggest a landscaper would be pro development in order to get more work.

To me, the real issue of development is what happens in SB vs what happens in Stagecoach or Hayden vs what happens in Craig.

SB is the economic hub with a huge tourism industry which brings along second home owners, trust funders and well off people looking to live in a nice place. They have more to spend than locals.

The big question is whether housing will exist in SB that does not appeal to them, but appeals to locals that work here. And to the extent there is a lack of workforce housing in SB then how much of that is provided in Stagecoach or Hayden, or is found in Craig? And what sort of community will be the result of that?


JustSomeJoe 7 years, 8 months ago

A lanscaper that's pro-Cari seems to be pro-real estate developer.

Gore - So, if I'm a homeowner here (check), then I'm for what ever is good for real estate developers? Like what's going on at Ski Time Square, tear down existing condos and businesses to have a parking lot for 10+ years? My comment was that I think the current council swung too far in the opposite direction of the Towny era council. I think I was trying to say the same thing you did, we need balance on the city council. I'm sure Kyle is a great guy, but I don't think the council needs more folks that think like Cari.


Fred Duckels 7 years, 8 months ago

It seems that anyone that is not for zero growth is automatically a pro development zealot. Over the years I have found that people who have to work every day to make ends meet, seem to make the best common sense decisions, and can run a council and keep a low profile in the process. I think that the community comes above personal ambition, and need to strut one's pedigree. With sheriff and council I would prefer that they make good decisions, and it is not necessary that I remember their names.


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