David Moss: 'Cash for Clunkers' shows government's inefficiencies


Let's see, President Barack Obama and Congress were surprised that people would like $4,500 toward a new car for an old car that they were going to trade in or that would die in the near future, anyway. The initial $1 billion was used to choose approximately 0.1 percent winners (250,000 people out of 300 million). Each additional billion will add another 0.1 percent winners. Thus, for everyone who got such a deal, 999 people were disappointed that their neighbor got help from the government to buy a car and they didn't. Half of the people - those of us who pay income taxes - also are angry about having to help with the car payment for their neighbor's shiny new car.

If you like how the federal government has run this program, wait for health care. It also will choose winners - i.e., people without health insurance (but not without health care), including illegal immigrants who shouldn't be here anyway - and losers, primarily so far seniors like myself who are on Medicare. These seniors are Americans who have paid into the program all of their lives and now will have to search even harder for a doctor willing to take even less reimbursement from Medicare. They also will have a "duty to die," as the government tries to keep from spending too much at the end. Seems about as fair as "Cash for Clunkers."

David Moss



JLM 7 years, 8 months ago

'Cash for Clunkers' is simply a giveaway of income taxes that YOU have paid. It is silly. It is a completely ridiculous program.

This program is indicative of exactly what is wrong w/ the Obama administration. Well, of course, George Bush made them do it and it is all George Bush's fault <<< explanation to follow!

Perhaps what is even more absurd is that after having spent almost $50B "saving" GM and Chrysler, people are buying..................................................................................................Volkswagens!


aichempty 7 years, 8 months ago

Great stuff, Dave.

Now, how about that "North Routt Ponzi Scheme?"

Do you know anything about that? Apparently "everybody" knows about it.

I've been told that it involves buying blocks of property for low prices (like around $50,000 for 19 or so of them), then having the homeowner's association use HOA funds to build roads that increase the value of those properties, and then reselling them for, oh, as much as $700,000 to $800,000 since the roads were built? Do you know anything about that one?

You know the one I mean. The one where the 150 people who pay $500 per year in "dues" have their money used to pay for building roads that serve vacant lots that only pay $50 a year in dues?

Does that ring a bell for you?

Brent, I'm sure that Mr. Moss is going to ask to have this comment, or maybe this whole thread, deleted. But, I've got the details on it, and if you'd like to do a REAL investigative series on how people are getting rich at the expense of their neighbors, I can hook you up.

Maybe some media attention to these kinds of "conservative" values would help to bring in Obama's DOJ goons (and the IRS and the Postal Inspection Service) to take a peek.


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