Woman declines Oak Creek law position


— The woman who was offered the job of community service officer in Oak Creek declined the position Monday, town officials said.

Lynda Simpson, a code enforcement officer in Rifle, said she reluctantly had to decline the job offer because her parents, who live in California, are in ailing health and require her attention.

"That's not fair to somebody trying to hire you that you're not able to step up right away," she said.

Simpson said she has made and will continue to make frequent trips to help her parents and did not want to delay the hiring process.

She said she also was reluctant to take the position because the job did not offer benefits but "it was the time commitment more than the benefits," that swayed her decision.

Simpson was selected from two finalists, and five total applicants, to take on the community service officer job. The position would have made Simpson the sole law enforcement officer in Oak Creek. The officer, a newly created position, would be in charge of enforcing town code and dealing with minor complaints.

Police Commissioner and Trustee Chuck Wisecup said the next step in the process is not clear.

"We're not sure what we're going to do with the position, whether we're going to try to fill it or hire an officer," he said.

Oak Creek has relied on coverage from the Routt County Sheriff's Office since Chief Russ Caterinicchio, Sgt. Erik Foster and code enforcement officer Tony VanDeventer resigned in September. Police consultant Eileen Rossi said she still is on the police payroll on a contract basis. She maintains the evidence locker and sex offender registry and handles administrative tasks, she said.


Scott Wedel 7 years, 7 months ago

BTW, Oak Creek did not get the DOJ COPS program to pay for 3, or any, officers. If Oak Creek is going to have a police department then it will have to pay for it from the Town budget.

The Sheriff's dept has changed it's earlier attitude and is responding to and investigating nonviolent crimes in Oak Creek if there is good evidence.

There have been thefts and break ins, but there has been arrests. Not every crime has been solved, but the ratio of solved vs unsolved is quite reasonable.


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