Swine flu 'likely' in Colorado

No confirmed cases, but local health officials remain on alert


— Local health officials continue to receive multiple daily updates from state and national health agencies as they prepare for what one official said was the likelihood of the virus eventually turning up in Colorado. No swine flu cases have been confirmed in the state.

"From everything we're hearing, they're saying it's likely," said Suzi Mariano, spokeswoman for Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association. "With all the travel going on between states, they're saying it's likely."

Mariano, along with other representatives from the VNA, have spent the past few days in a series of conference calls with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies across the country going over logistics should the flu spread to Colorado.

A 23-month-old boy from Mexico who was visiting Texas became the first U.S. death attributed to the pandemic. The World Health Organization raised the alert level from four to five. Six is the highest level of alert, and a rating of five indicates that "the virus is becoming increasingly better adapted to humans but may not yet be fully transmissible."

Routt County Emergency Management Director Bob Struble said his organization has kept in close contact with the VNA. Struble's office has sent out news releases and information to local schools to quell fears and alert residents to potential danger.

"We did a lot of planning when the pandemic flu went around," Mariano said. The county and state have plans in place and will be ready to handle a swine flu outbreak in the county, she said.

The emergency management office can request access to national stockpiles of medicine if necessary, but Struble said there is no reason to do so at this time.

Across the country, 91 people were confirmed sick with swine flu as of noon Wednesday, with more suspected cases being tested every day.

If there is a case of swine flu detected in Routt County, the positive test result would first be returned to the doctor who requested it. That doctor would then be responsible for reporting the result to the VNA, which serves as the public health agency for the county. The VNA would then report the data to the CDC and inform the public.

Schools operate as usual

Steamboat Springs school officials say they haven't seen any increases in student absences related to swine flu fears. More than 100 Steamboat students and family members traveled to Mexico during last week's spring break.

Steamboat Springs High School Assistant Principal Marty Lamansky said the school is proceeding as usual, with a special news release e-mailed to parents and posted on the district Web site. That release also is available on Steamboatpilot.com.

"I'm not seeing anything massive," he said.

Almost all of the spring break travelers who participated in an organized senior trip passed through Cancun International Airport. A group of New York students who spent a week in Cancun returned to their school carrying the swine flu, and about two dozen have been reported ill.

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vanguy 7 years, 12 months ago

Given the fears of swine flu, the relation to Mexico, and the fact that over 100 kids from our high school just returned from Mexico:..

I'd like to know EXACTLY WHO thought it was a good idea to invite all the young children of Steamboat to the high school yesterday for a Kids Carnival?

And it was quoted in today's paper that kids from New York passed through the same airport as our students and infected over 2 dozen students at their school.

The school and daycare administrators have been assuring parents that precautionary measures are being taken, and then we mix preschoolers with high schoolers who just came back from Mexico?

Bad Judgement: high school administrators.

Bad Judgement: day care providers

Nice effort by the high schoolers, but seriously bad judgement.

Postpone the event next time.


untamedShrewd 7 years, 12 months ago

it takes the swine flu 48 hours to take effect after having contact with an infected individual. Most of the high students, their families, plus families with kids in the pre-, elementary, and middle schools returned by Sunday (not only high school students go to Mexico. If your that paranoid, keep your kid home). Any one infected would be showing flu like symptoms by now. Just use common sense: wash hands, cough into sleeve, stay home if sick.

Thanks High School Students for a fun event!


vanguy 7 years, 12 months ago

Yes, thank you high school students for the efforts. This thread is not meant to undermine your time and energy.

My comments are about common sense, not paranoia. If you'd like to stop by my office so I can cough and sneeze on you a few times, you'll quickly understand the difference.

They are about school district and child care providers BOTH communicating to parents earlier this week, assuring parents they are taking every extra pre-caution to avoid the spread of illness, and taking a zero-tolerance approach to illnesses in their facility.

Non-essential programs like this are an exact contradiction of their statements.

Let's say half the lifeguards at the pool just got back from somewhere that is experiencing an outbreak of a terrible rash....let's call it leprosy.

Shouldn't we maybe think twice about the pool party they had planned for all the kids in town??????

And YES, I would have kept my child home from this event, had I even known it was planned. Our childcare provider gives us a monthly activity calendar, and this activity was not on the calendar. (although the Tuesday parade was on the calendar). Incidentally, child care providers do not refund parents for days lost due to illness. This aspect is a separate issue, and we're dealing with them separately.

Wash your hands, Steamboat.

The swine has been confirmed in Denver, and one of the infected is a baggage handler at DIA.


vanguy 7 years, 12 months ago

By the way, infants and toddlers (and seniors) are more susceptable to disease than any other age groups.

....but that's just common sense.


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