Thomas Morales: Lost camera sought


I recently fulfilled a skier's dream by visiting and skiing in Steamboat. It was a trip I always had hoped to take and was able to do it with my family, including my twin 8-year-old boys - their first trip skiing out West.

I took a day's worth of pictures and set my camera on the bench outside of Steamboat Ski and Sport at the Sheraton as I took my and my boys' boots off.

I got up and forgot about the camera, a Canon digital, walked to the room and remembered my camera. I returned to find it gone. Lost and Found, I'm sure, got tired of seeing me during the remainder of my stay. It was a wonderful trip outside of my oversight and so much of the memories were captured on that camera. The camera cost $500. Please keep it and return the memory card, which is priceless.

Thomas Morales

Franklin, Tenn.


Kevin Nerney 7 years, 12 months ago

Ever since I went digital and don't have to pay for film, the first picture I take is a 3x5 card with all the contact information on it, name address phone# etc. However, when they broke into my car in Texas and stole the camera I did not get my memory card back. All you can do is try.


Chris Elliott 7 years, 12 months ago

Thomas, I really hope you get the card and the camera back, if it was a local that found it, you probably will! I can't say anything about our out of town guests, but the locals, well we are a pretty honest bunch!


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