Bill Hinder: Wasted time


— Any improvements to this government by the Obama administration or any administration will be short-lived if the underlying issue of campaign finance reform is not addressed. The vast majority of our government's and nation's problems directly are linked to this issue. Pick almost any issue we are facing today - the economic meltdown, the state of our health care system (the richest nation in the history of the world rated 37th), our dependence on oil (funding terrorism and wreaking havoc on the planet's environment) - and it can be traced back to the fact that our politicians are not as much elected as they are purchased through unlimited donations.

Almost every campaign comes down to which candidate raised the most money. The solution is easy, and now is the time to get it done: 1. Allow only individuals to donate to political campaigns with a set limit, such as $100 a candidate per voter; 2. Permit individuals to donate only to those candidates for whom they have the right to vote; 3. Prohibit corporations and special interest groups from making campaign contributions.

These three simple changes would free candidates from special interests and allow them to vote for what's best for their constituents. Under the status quo, candidates are tied to special interests in order to be elected and simply cannot act in the best interest of the American people. All the improvements and changes being presented and pushed forth by this new administration will not be permitted to develop if corporations and special interest groups continue to be allowed to make donations and donations are not limited.

Bill Hinder



freerider 8 years ago

Bill you are really clueless when it comes to our political system. Yes the campaign money makes a difference in who gets elected but the real problem's start after they take office. That's when our domestic terrorist's take over in the form of lobbyist's . Doesn't really matter who gets elected . They all get bought and paid for by the corporation's . That's Fasicism when the corporation's get control of everything. Did you know that the AMA wants the FDA to take control of your local health food store. They want to ban herbs and holistic medicine. The AMA wants you to have to buy everything through your doctor at OMG prices. They also want you to be sick all the think campaign money is going to fix that problem. Lobbyist's are the bigger issue here. If you want to rant about something then let's get to the heart of the matter


Fred Duckels 8 years ago

I agree with Bill, if we want to know what a candidate will do in office, look at the backers that are putting them in. O is saddled by his backers wishes, and will not stray far from their agenda. I favor: 1 term limits and earmarks 2 No term limits and no earmarks This will never happen. It will take a movement like the tea party to address fiscal responsibility from all politicos. Our biggest expenditures are on entitlements, and this will take decades of vigilance, if it is even possible.


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