Drug charges against David Jensen dismissed

Marie Jensen still accused of cultivating marijuana at home


Editor's Note: This story has been updated from its original version to clarify, in the last paragraph, that investigators now say only Marie Jensen was in possession of more marijuana than allowed by law.

The case against David Jensen, accused of growing marijuana in his Old Town home, was dismissed Monday in Routt County Court.

Carl Stahl, Routt County deputy district attorney, said Wednesday that all charges were dropped against Jensen because of "a lack of evidence." Stahl said Jensen, 50, frequently has been out of the state and out of the country for employment reasons. Stahl said that to his knowledge, Jensen was not in the state Feb. 7, when law enforcement reportedly seized 48 marijuana plants and about 8 pounds of dried and processed marijuana from the home of David Jensen and his wife, Marie Jensen, on Ninth Street in Steamboat Springs.

Stahl said the case against Marie Jensen, 54, is continuing and scheduled for a status update May 13. Stahl said a felony charge might be added to Marie Jensen's case.

Felony summonses were issued Feb. 24 for each of the Jensens. They were charged with Class 4 felony cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to sell or distribute, and Class 5 felony possession of 8 ounces or more of marijuana. Each also was charged with Class 3 felony possession of a Schedule I controlled substance for a small amount of psilocybin, or hallucinogenic mushrooms, found at their home during a Feb. 7 party. Marie Jensen also was not at the house when law enforcement arrived that night.

Police ultimately cited 16 juveniles at the party for possessing alcohol.

Marie Jensen reportedly has a medical marijuana license, but investigators say she was in possession of more marijuana than allowed by law.


NchronicPain 8 years ago

Justice4all, I agree fully. I never said Mr. Jensen was guilty of anything. He should've never been charged with anything.

ACET and our DA are responsible for this mockery of the judicial system..... once again.




aichempty 8 years ago

Wow. As Sigourney Weaver said in "ALIENS," "Did IQs suddenly drop while I was away?"

The dude was out of the country. That seems like a pretty good alibi. His wife has a medical license, so you can't hang him becuause it was found in his house. Since the science of carbon dating can't pin down the dates when there was too much pot in the house, as well as the mushrooms, he goes free on a technicality. It doesn't mean he's not guilty; it only means the DA can't prove it. Why try someone who will get on the witness stand and cast reasonable doubt over the whole affair? Don't try him, and there's no reason for the defense to enter exculpatory evidence that could cast doubt on his wife's guilt too.

And as for ACET, uh, where's the beef? Am I wrong that there have only been one or two "big" arrests that didn't result from someone tipping them off? What are they doing to develop leads, track the traffickers and justify the money spent on them?

The history of organized crime demonstrates that it is most successful when the police and judges are on the payroll. Sorry, but that's just the facts, Ma'am. An excellent example is the former sheriff of Hamilton County, Tennessee, who was arrested about a year or so ago for conspiracy to traffick in 100s of 1000s of dollars worth of cocaine. The Chicago judicial scandal of a few years ago proves that having judges on the payroll makes it very hard to get indictments, and easy to get evidence excluded, which derails the best efforts of any honest DA to get a conviction.

Our community is not behind drug enforcement, and that's why we have the problem. When we start having drug-related violence, that's when people will squeal. Same with burglaries and all that stuff.

A local attorney recently told me that he has friends in law enforcement, and they don't seem to grasp the concept of economic crime. Using proceeds from drug trafficking to fund legitimate business is a crime. Tax evasion is a crime. Nobody gets caught for those things around here because the authorities don't investigate. They don't know how. They have no experience. Such cases never come to court.

Wanna know why I won't build rental units? First, it's not economically viable -- there's more profit in tax-free municipal bonds. Second, I don't want some tennants of the sort who'd like to rent around here, and I can't legally refuse to rent to anyone who can afford the rent. When I was 22 years old, living in an apartment, there was a drug-related murder in the unit directly over mine. I moved out three days later. The entire building was razed within a year. That might not happen around here, but I'm sure it won't happen to a property I own. And this is one reason why Steamboat doesn't have more affordable rental units, and a way that a drug-friendly community deters honest business owners from filling local needs.


NchronicPain 8 years ago

Here we get a glimpse of the ingenius investigative techinques typically displayed by ACET and the gang. Also, kudos to our DA!! Great job on pinning a crime that actually fits the situation. I guess they teach NW Colo lawyers to gather all the possible crimes that might have been committed, throw them all down like a full house, and just hope at least one sticks. This seems common practice around these parts. Now, I'm sure the DA is sooooooo busy that this case will sit and collect dust until May 13th, then maybe Marie will get up there with an actual defense and she get off scott free too. Believe me, I don't want Marie to get in trouble, it doesn't comfort me to see people go to jail, get fined, etc. But, at some point, we need to tell Mr. Wiggins and his ACET boys to retire. We need some real, honest cops in our valley. Cops that care about people and not their own reputations. Some that do their jobs with compassion, intelligence and character. These botched investigations, illegal searches, personal vendettas, and backwoods, hilly-billy police tactics make us look like we should be some tiny town out in the boondocks of Hazard. Geez, can anything make it to court with the investigation gone smoothly and correctly? I guess, being in my shoes, I shouldn't complain too much, because if ACET ever came in my medical mj garden, can can rest assured that the investigation will get screwed up somehow. Thanks ACET for the crap work you do. We love forking over our tax dollars to you.


jk 8 years ago

Chronic, You are ranting like aich about a non issue here. You are right that ACET is a waste of tax dollars, thank goodness Gary cut off their local funding. Of course he probably has re-distributed it into his legal fund.


Wayne Eller 8 years ago

Whoa there podna. The ACET only gathers the facts--evidence. The DA then considers this evidence, decides on the charges and issues the warrants. All this was done. Then after several weeks/months they decided that once again they had made a mistake. Or was it that they felt that they (the DA) had found that they had met their match with someone that could and would afford to fight the charges in court. But the damage is still done to the accused' name. In this and many cases the DA should have to pay a civil penalty for both defamation and slander of Mr Jensen. I do nt know if he was guilty or not. Neither do you. But I do know that the DA was wrong --- one way, or the other. I was really hoping that we would have a fair DA after the election. Wrong again.


Duke_bets 8 years ago

justice4all - 'Damage is done to the accused name'.........What name is damaged? The house in which the accused is an owner, had 50 some plants and 8 + pounds of usable marijuana (according to the article and court reports). I don't believe that was slander or defaming to character because it's the truth. Or, did I miss something? He may have been out of town (according to the article and court reports), but I'm certain that kind of operation doesn't take life over a weekend. It will be interesting to see what the WIFE gets.


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