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Vote on 700

— A proposed development the size of (Steamboat) 700 should be put to a vote. Yes, it will inconvenience the developers, but if the majority of our residents feel that Steamboat does not see a need for this amount of housing and the impacts that it will create for all of us, i.e increased traffic, then it should not be built. We will all have to live with the impacts of such a development, and it would be easier to accept if it goes to a vote first. I was not in favor of Wal-Mart but since the majority of residents wanted it, I was more willing to accept it. The inconvenience to the town, if 700 gets built, goes far beyond the inconvenience of waiting for a vote to the developer.

- seminative

Public already spoke

The Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan dictates the west of Steamboat (for) growth. The Community Plan was developed through a series of meetings that involved the public, as well as stakeholders west of town. It is very clear that the plan and the community "directs urban development to be within the Urban Growth Boundary - within and adjacent to the city. The West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan will be the major new neighborhood growth area."

I do not understand how the agency reviews can ignore the past work of the community and the overall support for the development west of town. : The 700 group is only following the plans and policies instituted by the community through various public work sessions and hearings.

- Brian Bavosi

700 vote risky

The city officials were elected by a public vote, so a public vote on this topic would be questioning the authority that already has been granted. Also, changing the rules in the fourth quarter should not be tolerated. The public will most likely vote against this. : The city would stand to lose a lot of cash in the court system.

- Duke_bets

Support for sheriff

Gary, you are a great man. : I see no problem spending tax dollars for this situation. You were set up by a corrupt government. They should have dropped the charges long ago. : You are the only one in this county fighting for our civil rights. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your service. Much appreciation for all that you do. Thank you.

- steamboatsheriff

Legal bills costly

Is it 2010 yet? I am sure that we cannot afford this sheriff.


Slack for Stahoviak

I don't think that this should be a referendum on Nancy. She has contributed to the valley for decades, and I have observed her wisdom and ability to "cut to the chase." She has not had it easy in recent times, and I'm sure that she will continue to do her best. I will cut her some slack.

- Fred Duckels

County civics

This is a Colorado civic lesson with a bit of history. The county commissioners are agents of state government. For counties with less than 70,000 in population there are three commissioners. For counties with more than 70,000, the citizens of that county can elect to have either three or five. The district each of the commissioners represents is based on population using the decennial U.S. census. To assure an equal population in each district, each district has a slice of Steamboat Springs. When running for election a commissioner must live in the district they represent, however, all the citizens of the county vote for them. Routt County was established by the Colorado state Legislature in 1877. One year after Colorado became a state the county was named after John Long Routt, a territorial governor appointed by President Ulysses S. Grant and subsequently the first governor of Colorado.

- Scott Ford


freerider 8 years ago

The 700 club is a disaster waiting to happen..I haven't heard one intelligent comment on what to do about the traffic impact. Our planning dept. is pathetic. I lived here for 35 years and there approach has been we'll leave that for the next guy to figure out...remember these developers are from VEGAS ....THAT WOULD BE VEGAS !!!! ANYBODY OUT THERE BEEN TO VEGAS LATELY ....FORECLOSURE TOURS ARE THE BIG THING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT WAS OVER DEVELOPED....This should be put to a far as the community has already spoken comment that's a joke. I'll take any bets here that Steamboat would vote this down....


Brian Bavosi 8 years ago

The Planning Commission and City Council can not control who decides to drive their cars and who doesn't. Traffic should not be a concern with this project unless the city wants to write an ordinance banning vehicles from being owned by anyone who buys a new home or unit in our special little town.

Freerider, I'll take that bet all day. More attainable housing vs. less traffic. Please! Pull your head "out of the freshies brau", leaving it for the next guy is not their solution. Some problems can't be fixed. Providing more roads/highways only feeds the machine we call traffic. Once the traffic gets bad enough people will resort to alternative modes of transportation. Have you ridden your horse to the mtn. lately?


jk 8 years ago

Brian,"Once the traffic gets bad enough people will resort to alternative modes of transportation." pull your head out of the trout stream brau. You are correct that city council can't control who drives cars, and that will only lead to the fact traffic will eventually bury our little town. What is everyone supposed to ride their horse around main street? Stop tying flies and remember this is already an issue facing our town.


Brian Bavosi 8 years ago

flotilla, Ouch! You almost had it right. I don't stand to make a dime on anything 700 is offering. I have never been involved in any bldg. permit approvals at the county. You're probably right about the attainable housing. The longer the city jerks around the developer and delays the process, it's more likely that the cost of housing will increase for the purchaser. It's too bad that there was a legitimate chance to get some housing under $300,000.

Traffic is an issue to some people in our town, but why would you lay the entire problem on one development. Have you driven today?

Vegas was developed in the 40's and 50's. I don't think you can give the 700 group credit for building that lovely oasis.


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