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— Ms. Schubert-Akin's column in the Steamboat Pilot & Today ("Grits, guts and determination," Sept. 14) attests to the fact that everyone in our great country is entitled to his or her opinion. That is the spirit of discourse that long has been so alive in America. But this spirit does not entitle one to his or her own facts.

She claims that Obama is going to raise taxes. I quote: "In fact, independent groups such as the Tax Policy Center have concluded that four out of five U.S. households would receive tax cuts under Obama's proposal, which include higher income and payroll taxes only for the wealthiest wage-earners." Refer to page 14 of the Sept. 16 Steamboat Today.

While we are on the subject of taxes, she might want to take a look at the McCain proposal to declare employer paid medical benefits as taxable income. Sounds to me like a tax increase.

Later, she asserts Mr. Obama is more concerned that terrorists have their rights respected than to protect the country. Obama has pushed for more troops in Afghanistan, where the terrorists who attacked us still reside, seven years later. While the current administration has poured overwhelming U.S. resources into the country that did not attack us, Obama is promising to refocus back on the correct, and original, target.

She comments Obama wants to take more of our hard-earned money (not true, see above) and give more orders from Washington. Well, it is true McCain repeatedly has said he favors less regulation from government, while Obama says further actions are required from Washington regarding our economic issues. McCain is consistent with the Republicans in general; in the years they controlled Congress (1992 to 2006), they reduced regulation of financial markets. Many now are claiming this deregulation has contributed to the current credit mess we are struggling with.

Back to McCain specifically, he recently said he would rein in Wall Street excesses and reform it [by] establishing more rules. Uh oh, sounds like orders from Washington. McCain steadfastly has maintained: "The economy is fundamentally sound" (presumably nothing needs to be done). Now of late he is calling for more rules, not less.

Finally, she states that throughout their lives, McCain and Palin have displayed grit, guts and determination. This probably is true about McCain, but how much do we know about Palin? Obama has been under a microscope for nearly two years. Two years from now we might know enough about Palin to make an equally informed judgment. In the interim, I am not sure you can reach such a conclusion about her. That is unless you think she was against the "Bridge to Nowhere" (she was, until Congress refused to fund it), or that she showed determination by keeping the earmark dollars originally allotted for the bridge, applying it to other Alaska projects.

I have to agree McCain showed guts in selecting an interesting, determined, gutty, unknown, unproven and inexperienced vice presidential running mate. But did he put the country first?

As for Schubert-Akin's 12-year-old niece: I agree she shouldn't grow up with a huge, bloated government that taxes people to death. Of course, we know the federal government had a budget surplus in 2000. Since then, the facts are the government has grown in overall size, has created a huge budget deficit (which we will need your niece's help to remedy), and despite cutting taxes, has seen the economy deteriorate.

Ms. Schubert-Akin no doubt feels passionate about her candidates, but she should be accurate with the facts.

Paul Mauro

Steamboat Springs


JLM 8 years, 7 months ago

So we are now ready to talk about facts, eh?

OK, folks, let's get real. Everything that is being debated today is a CAMPAIGN PROMISE.

C - A - M - P - A - I - G - N P - R - O - M - I - S - E !!!!!

In addition, only the Congress can raise or lower taxes. The President cannot even directly introduce legislation (that pesky separation of powers biz) and he can only sign or veto legislation passed by both houses of the Congress.

These CAMPAIGN PROMISES are being made by folks (both Sens McCain and Obama) who have a demonstrable track record of their stands on many, many issues. It is contained in their voting record.

Sen Obama has a pretty damn clear track record of enacting new taxes, increasing existing taxes and opposing tax reductions in both the Illinois Senate and in the US Senate. Sen McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts. Neither of the candidates has a good record on actually initiating or supporting tax cuts. You are being asked to believe a couple of chaps whose track record does not support their CAMPAIGN PROMISES. Are you really that dumb?

Nobody is going to lower anybody's taxes in the foreseeable future BECAUSE THE CONGRESS JUST RAISED TAXES BY $700B FOR THE FREAKIN' BAILOUT! {Sorry for the screaming.} Did you not realize that YOU were paying for the bailout?

Nobody is going to lower anybody's taxes.

BTW, I was so pissed at my sister when I found out Santa Claus was not for real I could have shot her. I have gotten over it. I am still working on lying politicians and campaign promises.

Folks, we ain't this dumb!


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