Murray Tucker: Facts unchecked


— Your lead article in the Steamboat Today on Sept. 13 ("Gas prices remain high") had certain challengeable statements.

Credit cards are responsible for some of the difference - every station has this burden. Transport costs may account for some of the difference, but not the 30 to 40 cents differential between Steamboat and Grand Junction.

High labor costs. All stations in Steamboat are self-serve. New Jersey has the lowest price per gallon, but you aren't allowed to pump your own.

Caution investigative reporters: Do not go to representatives of the station owners for unchecked information. The Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association is the lobbying group for independent station owners. That's where Al White wanted to send Ken Brenner, who has raised this issue for the I-70 corridor. They get paid for twisting the facts.

The "By the Numbers" table in the article was incorrect. The same tankers that supply Glenwood Springs (average price $4.09) go to Grand Junction (price range is $3.61 to $3.71). There were no stations in Grand Junction listed in selling for $3.79 last Saturday. While several stations in Craig sell gas for $4.14, stations there have prices ranging from $4.03 to $4.14.

The price for gasoline is high and impeding economic growth. The question is, are they high because of market conditions as the gas station owners claim, or are there some nonmarket forces at work? With the cost of gasoline at sustained levels above $4, it behooves state government to investigate this seemingly inordinate differential. Ken Brenner has promised that when he is elected to the State Senate from District 8, he will move to have this investigation. If there is hanky panky, there are severe penalties on the books. At least we will know the full truth.

Murray Tucker

Steamboat Springs


Murray Tucker 8 years, 7 months ago

teleflypicker: You may know Ken, but we don't know you. Keep hiding. You must be ashamed of yourself and your beliefs!


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