Greg Binsfeld: Spin and framing


— I read two columns in last Sunday's Steamboat Pilot & Today with great interest. One by Paul Potyen titled "Here's a Riddle," and another by Jennifer Schubert-Akins titled "Grit, guts and determination."

I noted that Jennifer Schubert-Akins did a pretty good job of proving Paul Potyen's point. I have been sadly impressed for years at how the gifted experts in the Neo-Con Spin Machine can twist half-truths or complete falsehoods to sway people to vote for their candidates. I think it is likely that Jennifer Schubert-Akins very much believes her comments and loves America as much as me. I respect her as much as I disagree with her. It is worth looking at some of her statements.

Bullet one states that John McCain and Sarah Palin understand that lower taxes help both individuals and business, but then she goes on to say Mr. Obama (I call him Senator) has clearly outlined plans to raise your taxes. This is in total disregard of Sen. Obama's plan of giving middle class taxpayers a $1,000 a year tax cut. We won't even have to wait for it to "trickle down."

Bullet two states that John McCain and Sarah Palin will keep us on the offense against terrorists while Mr. Obama is more concerned with whether we have read them their rights. In fact, both presidential candidates will work strongly to keep us safe. Our country was founded on protection of individual rights, and there is nothing wrong with protecting them.

Bullet three states that John McCain and Sarah Palin think the American people are better stewards of your money and family, and that Mr. Obama wants to take more of your hard-earned money and give you more orders from Washington. Again, Sen. Obama wants a middle class tax cut, and I do not see where this implies more orders from Washington. On this point, the "Bridge to Nowhere" is used as an example. This is a project that Sarah Palin was for until it became unpopular, and although the bridge was not built, the money still was kept by the state of Alaska for other projects.

Bullet four states that John McCain and Sarah Palin actually have a plan for energy independence that includes drilling. The word "actually" seems to imply that Sen. Obama does not have any plans. This is totally wrong. He wants to help make America a world leader in renewable clean energy that is environmentally friendly. Accomplishing this will help America continue to lead the world.

Bullet five states that John McCain and Sarah Palin have three key ingredients of grit, guts and determination. She does not mention that Sen. Obama also has demonstrated the same.

Finally, I note that each time John McCain's name is mentioned, it is attached to Sarah Palin. That seems to be a winner right now because of Sarah Palin's current popularity. Some will argue that she was put on the ticket because she was the most qualified Republican for the job. I will have to agree with Paul Potyen on this one, that there were many more qualified Republicans for this job, including my own mother, who served Michigan Republicans in both state houses and as lieutenant governor. Her record was stellar. I also noted that the very well qualified Democratic vice presidential nominee's name was never mentioned.

It is all about spin, framing and scaring people with the Karl Rove gang, and sadly it seems to work all too often. It is time for the American people to put an end to this by making a well-informed vote on Election Day. I will be casting my vote for Barak Obama for president of the United States.

Greg Binsfeld

Steamboat Springs


JLM 8 years, 7 months ago

I hate to burst anybody's bubble but what you are taking as fact are, in fact, CAMPAIGN PROMISES. CAMPAIGN PROMISES!

Think about that again --- freakin' CAMPAIGN PROMISES and you are getting ready to go to the bank and cash that check!

You might want to look in the mirror and ask that guy --- How stupid are you, really?

No candidate for President can provide any assurances that the Congress will enact any of their CAMPAIGN PROMISES. I know it's uncomfortable to focus on that just now but only the Congress can change tax policy.

But even within the feel good rhetoric of CAMPAIGN PROMISES, there is much to worry about.

Have you followed the discussion relating to the increase of capital gains taxes and payroll taxes? Sen Obama intends to increase both.

Our trading partners don't even tax capital gains and you may have missed it but there is a bit of a capital crisis going on just now on Wall Street --- but you shouldn't let that get in the way of a good CAMPAIGN PROMISE!

Do you think this is the time to increase taxes on the most productive slice of the American work force? After all, the top 5% of wage earners pay 90% of the taxes. What happens if they decide to sit on their hands when their effective tax rate tops 50%? And, they stop selling assets and capital gains tax receipts drop precipitously?

Sen Obama's entire funding mechanism for all of his many new programs (including the mythical tax relief for the middle class) is the elimination of waste, fraud and corporate loopholes in the Federal Tax Code and the elmination of wasteful governmental departments. Well, which ones does he intend to go after? Uhhhhhh? Well, he hasn't gotten around to specifying those just yet, has he?

Come on, folks, get real here. If he had specifics do you think he (or for that matter McCain) would not be reciting chapter and verse?

Don't make your decision to vote for a candidate on feel good CAMPAIGN PROMISES!

And, ask yourself, how stupid are you, really? I will not be voting for a fakir or a poseur or a pocketful of CAMPAIGN PROMISES come Election Day!

And, hey, have a nice damn day and wait at the mail box for your tax refund check!


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