Dr. Linda Halteman Lewis, D.C.: Mom in charge?


— A mother of five has been nominated as vice president. Some women have been incredibly energized and excited by this possibility. But would she be a mom like us?

When I first became a mom 24 years ago, I was totally amazed by the amount of love I felt for this little being and equally amazed by the oneness I felt with all other mothers. Moms want their child, and every child, to be safe, healthy and to have what they need. Moms don't want their children to go to war because it would be harmful to the child they love and harmful to another mother's child. This is especially true when the war in question has been proven to be without legitimate cause. Instead of being supported by this vice presidential candidate, wars of this nature must be responsibly ended as quickly as possible to protect every mother's child.

The moms I know are loving people and want the best for all. Sarah Palin has been called and likened herself to a "pit bull" and a "barracuda." Both of these animals viciously attack without reason, are relentless and desire to devour their victim. Rather than something to be proud of, I think this is cause for genuine concern. A higher level of consciousness would value the power of peacefully working together for the common good.

Moms tend to see the bigger picture; they realize the importance of clean air and safe food for their children. They know that protecting the environment is crucial to having a world that is healthy for raising children. Cleaner energy technologies and reducing pollution is critical for the health of our Mother Earth and our human family. This vice presidential candidate completely supports coal-fired power plants, letting the polar bear go extinct and drilling throughout Alaska, including the Arctic National Wildlife Area.

Honesty, respect and cooperation are values that moms universally teach their children as the way to live a loving and meaningful life. But Sarah Palin was attacking, disrespectful and deceptive in her very first speech to the American people. I'd prefer a vice president/mom who speaks and lives a life of honesty and respect for others, just like we teach our children. These values, along with love and compassion for all, are a national policy we haven't used much lately and could prove to be the answer to many of the world's toughest problems. The United States could certainly use a change of direction.

Sarah Palin is not the kind of mom I know. Moms are loving, compassionate, honest and think of every woman's child. They tend not to be "pit bulls," but instead they teach and practice cooperation to reach the common good, so that every person is protected and cared for. I'd love to have a woman like that in the White House.

Dr. Linda Halteman Lewis, D.C.

Steamboat Springs


JLM 8 years, 6 months ago

I wonder if all those folks killed in the Twin Towers had Moms? I wonder what they would say about the murderers (and their Moms) who butchered their loved ones?

For those of us who live in the real world, it may not be possible to make every day Mother's Day but it sure is a nice sentiment. Unfortunately, sentiment is not what rules the world just now.

Just for the record, my Mom wore combat boots and served in the US Army in WWII. She was a great Mom but she lived in the real world. And the real world can get a bit messy from time to time.

I think Sarah Palin is a great Mom and will make an even better VP. I'll be trying to make that happen.

And, hey, have a nice day!


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