Violet Shaffer: Power outage


The power was out for three hours in Oak Creek on Aug. 7. I wonder why the generator that we paid a large amount of money for was not turned on. Also, why was no one concerned enough to see that the people on oxygen were contacted to see if they had enough portable tanks? I know the fire department has extra tanks, but none were offered. Thank God we all had enough.

When I was on the Town Board as mayor, whenever the power was out, I went around to make sure they all had enough oxygen tanks. I am really upset with all of you in office. I hope in the future you will have more compassion for your fellow neighbors.

Violet Shaffer

Oak Creek


Dave Ege 8 years, 6 months ago

Your concerns are very good. Please contact Bob Redding at public Works. He will have, and did have your answers immediatly after the incident. Thanks!!
Dave Ege, Trustee, Town of Oak Creek


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