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— The Oak Creek Town Board cleaned up some administrative matters from the town's former police administration Thursday, and laid the groundwork for establishing a citizen focus group to discuss what Oak Creek's next police department should look like.

After the town experienced recent problems with vehicles not being moved for crews working on Oak Creek's ongoing sewer line rehabilitation project - which is only weeks from completion - Town Board members raised the issue of who will enforce parking laws during snowplow season.

"I've noticed a substantial number of unlicensed vehicles and other road-going apparatuses not only parked on town property, but on town streets," Trustee David Fisher said. "I'm very concerned about these things impeding the work being done by our public works department to keep the streets clear this winter."

Fisher noted that the issue is an example of unforeseen circumstances resulting from no longer having a police department in the South Routt County town.

Trustee Dave Ege said it is pretty clear any town employee, including those in the public works department, can red-tag a vehicle under Oak Creek's municipal code, and have the vehicle towed if it is not moved within 24 hours.

Though some police files and evidence have been turned over to the Routt County Sheriff's Office or the District Attorney's Office, the Town Board also discussed the ongoing need for qualified personnel to handle open case files and future records requests on a contract basis.

Outgoing police Officer Eileen Rossi - who had her last official day on the job Oct. 10 - presented a report on traffic control for Main Street, and recommended the town purchase and install flashing speed signs similar to those on Lincoln Avenue in Steamboat Springs.

The solar-powered signs, which detect and display the speeds of approaching motorists via radar, only cost about $3,500 a piece, Rossi said.

"I would really like the board to consider approving this. For business owners and residents, speeding on Main Street is a big concern, and it has been for years," Rossi said. "Even though we're broke, I think it will help considerably."

This year seems like a logical time to purchase such signs, as the town is obviously not spending all the money it budgeted for police salaries, Fisher said.

In outlining what a future Oak Creek Police Department should look like, the Town Board also decided Thursday to issue a call for letters of interest to sit on a citizen focus group. Trustee Gerry Greenwood was appointed by Mayor J. Elliott to serve as the board's liaison to the focus group.

"The formation of the task force is to decide the future direction of the police department - not to sit down and decide who's getting the job," Trustee Chuck Wisecup said. "Go back over the last 15 years, look at all the personalities, see what was good, what was bad, and try to put something together."

The Town Board will go over the letters of interest at its next regularly scheduled meeting Nov. 13.

The Town Board also scheduled its next budget workshop for 6 p.m. Nov. 10 at Oak Creek Town Hall.

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Scott Wedel 8 years, 5 months ago

Unmoved vehicles on the streets has been an ongoing problem even when there was a police dept. Last winter there were cars and trailers on many streets that spent the entire winter plowed in

And there were properties along Main St that shoveled snow only a couple of times for the entire winter.

The Town of Yampa seems to do quite well without a police dept. Maybe OC Town Hall should wonder why Yampa is so much more competent at governing.


Scott Wedel 8 years, 5 months ago

Nice to once again be attacked by someone not revealing their real name.

So when the charges against me are dropped, dismissed or I'm found not guilty will you then finally acknowledge the incompetents were trying to pick on me? On the day that they wrote up the notice of abatement, all of my neighboring properties had similar issues, but only I was cited. The same junk has been at the satellite dishes lot for 8 years, but he doesn't get cited. Steve O'Neal has more unlicensed vehicles on his 50x85 lot than I have on nearly half an acre with 11 tenants and he doesn't get cited.

Secret emails between KH and trustees with wild speculation on what I might be planning and how they should respond to the speculation apparently has nothing to do with picking on me. (The pile of coal at the carwash never ever had anything to do with installing a coal furnace there. Coal mine does not sell coal after April and I couldn't put it near the coal furnace at the Curry because there was still a couple feet of snow there. That is not just the truth, it is common sense because it makes no sense to put coal at carwash during the summer even if installing a coal furnace there because it doesn't need heat until the winter when I could get coal from the mine).

Or KH sending an email to the building dept saying that since I complained to the building dept after I heard Dave Fisher say a bathroom had been added at the now bike store without a permit then she is going to report my remodeling activity at the preschool as possibly needing a building permit. Retaliation is apparently normal and expected in OC.

Or Town Hall refusing to return my electricity deposits after 18 months of paying on time is apparently how they treat everyone. They never denied that every payment was on time. They tried to make some excuse about rental properties even though the ordinance passed by the Town Board says nothing remotely close to suggesting that returning deposits is at the discretion of Town Hall. I said just write down the excuse so I can take it to the Town Board and then suddenly it is "We'll credit it against your next bill".


honestabe 8 years, 5 months ago

the newly painted curry apartments look quite nice.


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