Murray Tucker: Election derivative


— Most instructive of the studies that followed the election of Barack Obama and increases in control of the Senate and House by Democrats is a mapping of the percent change in party votes by county produced by the New York Times at

Republican Party gains are notable in a distinct part of the country stretching from Western Pennsylvania (the area its Congressional Representative, John Murtha, referred to as racist bigots) through the rest of Appalachia and the Ozarks to Oklahoma. Arizona, Sen. McCain's home state, also is notable for its increase in Republican votes. Colorado, by this measure, was entirely blue, as was Utah.

The trend toward the Democrat Party during the past two general elections presages grave problems for Republicans. The party that gave us Lincoln, who emancipated slaves, and Goldwater, who saw no role for government in the private lives and decisions of individuals, has swung to the party concentrating on taking its support in stopping women from choosing what to do with an unwanted pregnancy and people who want to legitimize alternative lifestyles.

John McCain, a Goldwater disciple, was unconvincing in his appeal to this faction. While his choice for vice president brought out this group, she so alienated a significant portion of the remainder that they either stayed home or voted for someone else.

Unless you have lived in a region where covert racism has deep roots, you have no clue as to how it was used by Reagan to gain the undying support of Southerners and "Reagan Democrats." This group of supporters is dying, replaced by youths who are (mostly) color-blind and intent on seeing a political future unencumbered by bigotry and theology.

Murray Tucker

Steamboat Springs


aichempty 8 years, 5 months ago

"We will bury you."

That's what Premier Nikita Khruschev told us in his famous speech where he took off his shoe and banged it on the podium.

I guess it turns out that he was right. The soft lifestyle, easy morals, substance abuse, lack of personal responsibility for national security and waiting for somebody else to to shoulder the load are going to leave the United States wide open for every imaginable form of socialist exploitation as the Baby Boom generation and their parents turn to dirt.

Things are not going to get better for the masses. Dig out your copies of National Geographic and Smithsonian which provide detailed looks at life in the former Soviet Union's socialist republics, and say hello to your future.

Did you ever wonder why Steamboat is not covered up with rich Russian and Ukranian tourists coming to Colorado to ski? Have you noticed how many Russian and Ukranian refugees (and that's what they are, no matter what they tell you) have come to Colorado to find a better life, working in menial jobs.

Socialism is a scam. The most evil and power-hungry run it, and everybody else has to put up with it, because they will be put in prison or executed if they resist.

Take a good look at the red versus blue states, and one thing stands out quickly. The red states are producers. The blue states are consumers. The trend cannot continue without this recession turning into an economic black hole where the little bit of wealth that is created from farming, mining and industry can't keep up with the overhead of providing government services.

If you're old enough, and you plan to die with your credit cards maxed out, you'll be fine. Otherwise, stand by to live like you were in Hungary in 1957 (after the revolution and Russian invasion), because that's what's coming.

It'll be interesting to see if the skiing industry survives past the winter of 2009/2010.


knee_dropper 8 years, 5 months ago

Give it a rest already aich. It's funny how a pattern develops between a low per capita income to high federal earmarks in most red states.

Maybe it's because what they are producing relies on government subsidies of one sort or another.


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