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Traffic concerns

— Communities that take a proactive approach to transportation and effectively combine transportation and land use planning can have greater success. Combining the two can help reduce the amount of new trips that are generated when growth occurs, but there are still increases in the number of trips and these need to be accommodated.

Taking the approach that we will never be able to solve the problem therefore we should not construct any new capacity and hope that the other person will start riding the bus is what has gotten many communities into serious congestion problems. The reality is if you don't plan for the growth, and build capacity to handle the growth, you will only end up with more congestion and a much higher price to try and remedy the situation at a later date.

- trafficman

Lacrosse and Triple Crown

But a Lacrosse tournament is OK at Emerald Park!

Look out Pamela Lane residents here come those SUVs with lacrosse players and their families. Is Steamboat Youth Lacrosse going to have street monitors at the entrance of Pamela Lane? How are our children going to use the fields this weekend? I need the solitude of the Botanical Garden without noisy kids having fun.

Oh, that's right this is youth lacrosse, not youth baseball, their parents have acceptable demographic standards!

- Malcolm_Reynolds

Tongue in cheek

Malcolm. The lacrosse players and their families park their electric hybrid cars on the east side of Rabbitt Ears and walk into town. They only accept scraps from the back door of restaurants so that locals can have any table they are entitled to as a birthright. If they go to a grocery store they wait until there are no locals in line before approaching a checkout. If they must walk on our streets they do so humbly and bow at the waist to be sure their heads are lower than any locals as they pass as a sign of submission. When coming to Emerald Park they skip down Emerald Lane while tossing $100 bills to the residents. They are not like those evil Triple Crown children.

- rsssco

Good job, Lumber Jack Jim

Great job guys! I think you are all very talented guys and I wish you luck! Susie Ritter

- sunflowergirl9999

Gas fears

Gas prices are only going to get worse this summer. Places like California and Hawaii have already hit 4 dollars plus the last month or so, and it is coming here by June or July. With the bad economy we are in right now, drivers have to make smarter decisions, and we will see less tourists this summer than ever just like other tourist places. I think the breaking point for consumers is getting very close, and we could see a Depression soon.

- rockie29


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