Area campgrounds delay openings until summer


Core Trail closures

The high level of the Yampa River has caused some closures on the Yampa River Core Trail, specifically at the 13th Street underpass, the stretch from Trafalgar Drive to Fetcher Pond, the railroad underpass upstream of Fetcher Pond, and the U.S. Highway 40 underpass at Walton Creek. Closures are subject to change as the Yampa River gets closer to peak flow. Call Craig Robinson with the city of Steamboat Springs at 879-4300 for more information.

For more information on U.S. Forest Service campground conditions, go to

— Remaining snow from a heavy winter will keep campgrounds in Routt National Forest from opening until the first part of June, as U.S. Forest Service crews work to remove beetle-killed trees and wait for the snow to melt.

"There could be a few feet in some of the campgrounds," Forest Service public affairs specialist Diann Ritschard said Thursday. There's less snow in low-lying areas, but tree cover and a particularly blustery spring have pushed campground openings back, she said.

Kent Foster, recreation program manager for the Hahn's Peak Ranger District, said the Forest Service is working to weed out hazardous trees from Hinman and Dry Lake campgrounds and recently started preliminary work on Dumont Lake and Meadows campgrounds.

"The Meadows Campground and Dumont Lake up on Rabbit Ears Pass, we're beginning to cut hazard trees out wherever we can. But we had some guys snowshoe into some of our sites last weekend," Foster said, noting there still is plenty of snow in the Rabbit Ears area.

There were so many hazard trees at Hinman that the Forest Service brought in a logger to get them out, and efforts to clean up Dry Lake had workers walking around in a foot of snow. Foster said he hopes to have Dry Lake ready in the first two weeks of June, with Hinman and Seedhouse Group Campgrounds becoming available at the beginning of July.

He said camping options on Forest Service land in Routt County usually are limited this time of year, unless the winter was especially short or warm.

"This year, we just don't - there's just a lot of snow," Foster said. He suggested trying Bureau of Land Management sites in the south and west of the state for camping options during the holiday weekend. Nearby state park options are limited, as Stagecoach Reservoir is booked and Steamboat Lake State Park won't open until June 7.

Foster and Ritschard asked people to stay off roads and trails on Forest Service land until they are dry, and not to go into closed areas. Even riding a mountain bike on wet roads or trails causes damage, Ritschard said.


stompk 8 years, 11 months ago

Remove the beetlekill?

The whole friggen forest is dead. WTF are you going to do, cut down the whole forest?

This is just another step towards the police state, keeping hard working, tax paying citizens out of public lands so they can make deals with the connected rich to buy up claims, deeds, etc.

Every year, it's gets later, and less is opened up. Roads that used to be accessible with 4WD, have green gates put up by armed to the teeth forest service "agents" who have the same authorities as the corrupt cops.

What a joke.


Puv 8 years, 11 months ago

Are you really thinking conspiracy theory here? Would you like to wake up some morning underneath a dead tree that fell on your campsite?


stompk 8 years, 11 months ago

Do I have to show you all the military activity lately??

We had an army helicopter over our house the other day, probably around 300-400 ft. The neighbor actually called us about it. The vibration shook a picture off the wall.

No conspiracies here, everything is fine.

Don't even question why the forest is dead, just let them protect us, because we are not resposible enough to care for our own land. It is not theirs, it is ours, the taxpayers.

One gram of silver iodide is 600,000 billion particles.

There are 450 grams in a pound. 200 lbs of silver iodide, will cover the US at a rate of 100,000 particles per cubic ft.

In 2006, they sprayed 1400 lbs over our head. And they have been authorized by the Denver water board to do it for the next 9 years.

Notice its been hazy lately. Maybe it's because I counted 15 aircraft making trails in the sky at one time a couple of days ago. 15, and I'm not exagerrating. AND, there was another 15 lines left over from previous planes forming into clouds

Let me show you what NASA says about contrails forming into clouds.

"The combined moisture from the jet exhaust and the atmosphere will never be enough for the mixture to produce a cloud."

So I don't know, you tell me why it snowed yesterday when it was 40 degrees.

You tell me why we STILL have at least 5 ft of snow in the high country, and we are already flooding. You tell me, how people can build mansions past the National Forest sign on Buff Pass.

You tell me why scientists felt the need to sound the alarm about the amount of mercury in our air this winter. I saw it on CNN.

You tell me why the government feels it's OK to burn Acetone (paint thinner) to disperse the silver iodide.


rsssco 8 years, 11 months ago

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.


stompk 8 years, 11 months ago

"To determine the consequences of AgI weather modification agent accumulation to the soil microbial environment, the effects of added silver compounds on microbial growth, anaerobic cellulose degradation, and the soil environment adjacent to a cloud seeding generator were investigated. ... An analysis of the soil surrounding a seeding generator site in Steamboat Springs, Colorado indicated that deposited silver tends to remain near the soil surface (02 cm). Alterations in the soil environment due to high silver concentrations were indicated by consistently higher organic matter levels, water contents, microbial populations, and rates of soil respiration. "

Laugh it up. If you really cared, you would actually do a little research, instead of trying to belittle me, who gains nothing from put downs.



stompk 8 years, 11 months ago

"When vaporized, silver iodide yields about 600,000 billion particles per gram, each a potential raindrop. (There are 450 grams in a pound.) Only a few grams of silver iodide may affect many hundreds of cubic miles of cloud in a brief time."

Not making this up folks. Need to question authorities.


stompk 8 years, 11 months ago

"About 1,900 pounds of silver iodide was scattered last year to tweak atmospheric moisture above 102,000 square miles out West - a patch of sky nearly twice the size of Iowa. An additional 30 projects already are booked for this year."


steamboatsconscience 8 years, 11 months ago

stomp love ya like a brother, but as they say s### happens and so does weather. in the end good old Mother Nature trumps Man every time. now where's that generating station I want to pan some silver out of the soil there, its $18 an oz. now.


stompk 8 years, 11 months ago

Panning for silver.

Thanks, I needed a laugh today.


stompk 8 years, 11 months ago

The reason I'm angry with the forest service, is, they have GOT to know the truth, or at least suspect it.

Look at how the trees are dying. They are dying from the top down. This HIGHLY suggests lack of water, which is exactly what the salt in the "silver iodide". And like salt in the sea, the salt never dissipates.

What dissipates is the water, and the salt is left. The salt flats is a perfect example.

Now, we all have heard how China has bragged about being able to change the weather for the Olympics. And they said they would use silver iodide.

It's very easy to establish that this is a global event. And, it is very easy to see that this stuff could be sprayed out of everyday commercial jetliners, it's simply mixed in the exhaust.

What happens if China decides to release tons of this stuff just off the west coast?

There's something else. They have been finding strange bacteria, in the snow. It's a sort of nanobacteria, or man made stuff.

And I've found that they have had problems with bacteria in the fuel cells of the aircraft. It's all info available, with the right search words on Google.

I would hope people reading this, would at least take the time to do a little bit of looking into it, because I have taken ALOT of time researching it. Something big is going down.

I found this article, from a guy called Deep Shield. He's dead now, "committed suicide". But some of the stuff he said, was, well, disturbing.

Check it out.

"WHO (World Health Organization) carried out most of the studies. Other nations have carried their own research on the matter. Some have said the ill effects will be minimal - along the lines of a million or so, while others have found the numbers to be far higher - 3 to 4 billion."

"The amount of spray is very small compared to the volume of the space that is covered. Most of the harmful chemicals that are used are being dissipated over vast areas."

So please, for my kids and your kids future, just take a few minutes and dig into it a bit. I think what you will find will astonish you, as it did me.

Good luck.


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