Murray Tucker: Talk issues, not fear


— I have read with interest the responses to my letter of May 11. The complete title of my letter was, "Audacity of Hope vs. Cowardice of Fear." The editors decided to edit it. That is their prerogative, but I think it summarizes the differences between those of us who see a future for the U.S. and those who want just to see Fortress America. I would like to address a few of the issues raised.

World Affairs. Of recent presidents, the one with the greatest experience in this area was Richard Nixon. None of those who followed had anywhere near, if any, foreign policy experience. I do think it is incumbent on Obama to select a running mate who has this experience, such as Bill Richardson. John McCain has flip-flopped on the Iraq War, just in the opposite direction from Kerry - still an unsettling situation. Couple this with his first "I'm against the Bush tax cuts, now I'm for them."

Anti-American Rhetoric. As a seasoned international traveler, I can tell you that continuing the failed Bush policies as proposed by McCain will not earn us any reduction in it.

Leadership skills. What would you call the ability to motivate millions of volunteers and register millions of voters? What do you attribute Obama's success to as a Community Organizer? While McCain has been in Congress for a quarter-century, his party never has selected him to a party leadership position other than the committees that he has led, based on seniority. Why?

Am I to take the "pretty boy" comment as racist? "Boy" is almost as bad as using the 'n' word to describe an African American male. Reagan (welfare mother in Cadillac) and, most recently, Hillary Clinton made this appeal to racism that still exists in the U.S.

I have become a staunch member of the Democrat Party and am not afraid to sign my name to what I write. But, if you must know, I worked in Washington during the Nixon Administration on legislation, the likes of which we have not seen since. I was supported for positions in that administration by Republican Senate minority leader Hugh Scott and Senator Richard Schweiker, who was Ronald Reagan's choice as a running mate had Reagan won the Republican nomination in 1976.

When he won the presidency in 1980, Reagan had virtually no foreign policy experience, but he did select as V.P. a man with much, the current president's father. Reagan's foreign policy downfall came as a result of his selection as Director of CIA, William Casey, his campaign manager, who ran roughshod over the law and into the gun-sights of one of the most virtuous members of the Senate, Barry Goldwater.

I realize that I will not convert those of you committed to John McCain. He is an excellent person, I just disagree with most of his views. I hope in the future we can have a dialogue on issues such as the ones I have addressed here, and not the racist, fear-mongering and slander that has marked the attacks on Obama, so far.

Murray Tucker

Steamboat Springs


Ed Miklus 8 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Tucker, let's talk issues. How about black liberation theology? Are you familiar with James Cone the leading proponent of black liberation theology and the mentor of Jeremiah Wright? Mr. Cone believes the synthesis of Marxism and the gospel will liberate African-Americans from the "slavery" of white capitalism. Cone says that black religion and Marist philosophy will show the way to a completely new society. That brings us to Senator Obama who has said that his tutelage under Wright was the best education that he had ever received. The Senator in his first book defended black liberation theology as sensible. The senator will not answer any questions even those submitted in writing regarding black liberation theology. Believe me Mr. Tucker this is only the Cliff Notes version of the makeup of freshman and the most liberal senator in the United States Congress B.H. Obama.


seabirth 8 years, 11 months ago

now that's some issue "talking." while not actually talking about economic or foreign policy, he manages to use the word "black" 5 times, "marxism" twice (yes, even if mispelled), but "liberal" only once.

personally, i think we could have a much better debate about inflation, jobs, civil liberties, torture, debt, and war (you know, the real issues) than debating "black" liberation theology vs "white" capitalism.


grannyrett 8 years, 11 months ago

Who has the experience to lead this country? Maybe Obama in 15-20 years, but not right now. Maybe more experience will open his eyes to the real world and he will move away from the far left. I really don't understand why it has to be the far left or the far right. Why can't we ever get a candidate who is like most of America and goes to the middle? Why can't we get a candidate who is for the best for this country instead of who is best for the party? Maybe then, we would have a public who would get interested in the government of this country and who would get off their duff's and go out and vote!


dogd 8 years, 11 months ago


We do have a center guy-John McCain. The far right wreckers of this country hate him, and they are gonna hate him even more when he becomes the next president. They never will stand for anybody honest... nor will the extreme left-if Obama should win and show some signs of honesty.

Hillary, of course would follow the Clinton tradition of poll-based decisions.


Ed Miklus 8 years, 11 months ago

Seabirth, what's the issue of using "black" five times? It's the name of a theology that was the main topic of my thoughts. Yep , it's Marxism, spelled correctly, but no matter how you spell it, it means redistribution of my hard earned dollars to someone who feels the government owes them a living through onerous taxation. Any misspellings or do you catch my drift?


another_local 8 years, 11 months ago

"None of those who followed had anywhere near, if any, foreign policy experience."

"he did select as V.P. a man with much (foreign policy experience), the current president's father"

Which way do you want to have it? Bush senior had been ambassador to China, the UN and CIA director in addition to a US Senator. As experience goes, probably the most experienced we have had. Nixon did not have a lot of experience but was a policy wonk, a pretty smart guy and, most importantly, had Kissinger.

Leadership skills: Being a great speaker is nice. The fact that Obama uses that skill to motivate people to vote is great too. Being a community organizer is small time. Most communities have several people with comparable credentials. None of that nor the single year that Obama was an active (junior) Senator equates to leadership skills in an arena where only results count. If intentions rather than results counted, Carter would have been the greatest president in recent years.

Issue by issue, I fall in the middle. Probably on balance toward Obama, but great intentions do not equal great results. I would feel a lot better about Obama if he had served out his first complete term in the Senate (as he promised to do) and had run again and shown some skill in that arena or had gone back to Illinois and been a governor for a while. He just is not ready.

Issues: He proposes to hamstring the free flow of capital that makes our economy the most efficient and responsive in the world by raising cap gains taxes. (Wait until he takes back the gains exemption on your home if you want to hear people howl!)

Some of his statements on foreign policy clearly demonstrate his inexperience. Feel good approaches like "let's talk to them" don't work in the real world.

Since congress will likely be dominated by democrats, McCain, as president, will have to move even closer to the middle to get things done but will resist some of the dumber things that might occur if the Dems controlled both the executive and the legislature. A democratic congress will not pass some of the social agenda that McCain has to nod towards to gain the support of the right. All in all, a good situation.


seeuski 8 years, 11 months ago

So, edskis makes an argument that is backed by provable self written by Obama facts and what does he get for it here? Attacked by the koolaide sniffers as if he is a racist. That is exactly what happened in this writers first op ed, and the racist callers jumped out of the hole there too. The moral of the story is, do not disagree honestly with Obama or you are a right wing hater racist.

No more freedom of speech or thought.

edskis, From know on you may only post if you talk about domestic issues and agree that "CHANGE" is what you want. Although I haven't heard one detail that hasn't been tried before. The change will be throwback to what we had in the Carter term only worse, gas rationing, 10% unemployment, gloom and doom, etc.etc.


seeuski 8 years, 11 months ago

Hey Murray, Here is talk issues not fears, Obama scaring the elderly into voting for him.


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