Conservative commentary: Almost funny


— But not quite, considering the consequences. This campaign season is probably no more ridiculous for its absurdities than any other, but it certainly seems so. Let's take a look.

Gas prices

Hillary may be the winner in stupidest comments on this issue with her claim that she is going to dismantle OPEC (and probably alter the tide the day after). Of course, though Obama hasn't gotten quite that asinine yet, he chimes in that taxing the Big Oil conglomerates is a peachy idea. Nothing like taxing our domestic oil producers to give an advantage to the Middle East exporters who are funding ways to kill us. Brilliant!

Global warming

This has become such an article of faith with Al Gore & Company declaring "case closed" on the science involved that to suggest there may be facts to the contrary almost nudges one into the Flat Earth Society. But you gotta give the environwackos credit for creativity. When it was shown that 1998 was the high point for global warming and that there would be no more until at least 2015, they slyly changed the wording to Climate Change. Thus, no matter what happens, Chicken Little can still rule. Note: to show my bi-partisanship here, I would like to welcome George Bush and John McCain into this same mindless herd.

Race relations

This one is a real screamer for those of us who have been pushing "color blindness" for decades while being branded as race bigots. While in undergraduate school, I was the leader of our chapter of the Congress On Racial Equality, so I was particularly incensed at this charge. Now comes Hillary, the "co-president" of the first black president, to proclaim herself The Great White Hope over that guy with the dark skin. Isn't it rich?

Iraq war

Never let it be said that principle and experience can't be thrown overboard if it gets in the way of pandering for votes. Hillary attempted to reason with voters that abrupt pull-out from the war could be disastrous for America in multiple ways. But when the folks began flexing their muscles, the race was on to see who could declare defeat faster. At this point, it's a draw. Lives lost already? Chaos to follow? Iran taking over the region with possibly $500 oil? Oh, well.


Anyone remember "Safe, legal and rare?" Will someone mention that to Obama? A supporter of even the grisly partial-birth abortion, he proclaims this right about commensurate with Freedom of Speech and Religion. Oh, you might also drop the fact that black abortions outnumber white ones about 3 to 1. And that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Barrenhood, was a strong supporter of eugenics and limiting those pesky lower classes and minorities.

Illegal immigration

Once again, in the spirit of co-indicting all candidates, John McCain had to be hammered into putting border security at the top of the list when recommending comprehensive reform. Hillary and Obama know better than to support outright open borders, but that's essentially what they think. And although most Americans have no problem with new immigrants who believe in The American Dream and are willing to follow the rules to citizenship, starting the path on an illegal road is anathema to everyone I know.

While I criticize McCain unapologetically for his misguided views, it's quite interesting that the polls show him with an enormous lead in perception of honesty. So McCain's integrity may show that maybe the American people do have a hunger for some unvarnished truth beneath all the hype. At least, this one voter hopes so.

Gary Hofmeister is the owner and operator of Hofmeister Personal Jewelers in downtown Steamboat, a company he founded in 1973. He is a Director of the Conservative Leadership Council of Northwest Colorado and a former Republican nominee for Congress in the 10th District of Indiana. He made 18 trips to the former USSR to teach democratic-capitalism during the 1990s.


colowoodsman 9 years ago

Of all the above, 'illegal immigration' is probably the greatest threat to our nation. It undermines our sovereignty and economy. Amnesty for illegals is not an option.It gives protected, favored status to one group at the expense of those who are trying to obey the laws. Many 'illegal immigrants' (a contradiction in terms) are now demanding their "rights" while at the same time advocating the take over of the US via 'reconquista' and 'Atzlan'. The drain on taxpayers to priovide social services for these illegal aliens is enormous and is leading to reduced services for Americans.We must secure our southern border. We must put an end to hiring illegal workers. No one has a God given right to 'cheap labor'.


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